September 02, 2012 10:33 AM Stephanie Says:

Hi Gretchen I love watching you in the show. I think you and Slade are just great together. I know that the poison dwarf (Tamra) is very two faced and nasty towards you. It's actually jealousy.....don't get fired up, just make sure she has enough rope.......! Your family seemed lovely people, and I could tell your well loved. Xxx

August 17, 2012 1:16 AM sandra Says:

gretchen you are a beautiful woman and vicki and tamra are just jealous bitches just finished watching all the series up to 5 and already seen series six they are hateful nasty fat b and so so jealous of you and alexis vicky thinks she is the star of the show and she is absolutely horrible she messes around with peoples lives even when briana thought she had cancer vicki went on to say about her scars and operations, who does that when they are supposed to be concerned for their daughter?? you go girl enjoy your life be happy and dont let those nasty bitches get to you they arent worth it.

August 14, 2012 11:49 PM Traci Says:

Hi Gretchen,Love your site here in UK sadly were not up to speed on latest OC weve just finished series 4,hope you dont mind i just soo wanted to say i think you and Slade are "Perfect" why folk nasty...Jealousy hun happy folk tooo happy to care being nasty,you are soo genuine,dont know what Slades finances are now,but 1 non of anyones business 2 when finances were good he was soo giving so the poison dwarf "Tamra" really should butt out lol there lives are chaos and they want to give you advice,nooo hun they just jealous your clever,funny,business savy and have a gorgeous man who luvs you,they should be soo lucky May your dream's and more than you could dream come true huge hug's to you and Slade tell him this 48yr old Nana luv's him have a fab future together you deserve it Kindest Regards Traci


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