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Check out this week’s Star Magazine Star Shots! Don't forget to pick up an issue! What do you guys have planned for Independence Day weekend?

"White Hot
She isn't above a bit of Botox, but Gretchen Rossi says she's never gone under the knife. The Real Housewives of Orange County star flaunted her fab figure in a sexy white bikini in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on June 19th"

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Beauty Community Tip of the Week: Summer Beauty Staying Power

I hope you guys are all enjoying the weather, because it is absolutely gorgeous outside. But all this beautiful sunshine can really do a number on your makeup. So here are a few tips I go by for summer makeup:

For your face: Humid weather boosts the production of oil on your skin and can really weigh your makeup down leaving you feeling heavy and icky. You can prevent this by swiping on toner twice a day, or carrying blotting tissues like Sonia Kashuk’s blotting papers. This summer you can also skip foundation. Or if you prefer, instead of using your daily amount of foundation, lighten up and use a mixture of face lotion and foundation. To increase the staying power of your complete look, make time for an oil-free primer. Primer does not feel as heavy and is proven to hold your makeup in place. And ladies, don’t forget to use SPF!

For Your Lips: On dry summer days, your lips are prone to get chapped and even worse, sunburned. So before heading out, be sure to apply a lip balm with SPF. For super-max staying power, I love using my GC Water Resistant Automatic Lip Liner.

For your Eyes: Unfortunately, being in the great outdoors can give you itchy, watery eyes. So to avoid smudging your smokey eye, put your pencils and crayons away and use water-resistant mascaras or gel liners like my GC Gel Eyeliner.

What’s your summer makeup plan?

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Press & Media: OC Cotton Couture Show


"Gretchen Rossi Judges OC Cotton Couture Fashion Show
Real Housewives of OC's Gretchen Rossi judging The Art Institute of California OC Cotton Couture Fashion Show at AnQi Bistro in Costa Mesa, Calif"

The designs were absolutely fabulous! It was a lot of fun to meet other designers passionate about fashion. I was also given the honor to speak to the graduating class of the Art Institute or California. Best wishes and good luck to all 2011 grads!

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine

Just the Facts

I think the reunion depicts clearly how I feel about everything. However I think a blog with just the facts is the best way to sum up how I feel about everything. 

Fact: Jim and Alexis are still married. Tamra and Vicki are getting divorced

Fact: Jim and Alexis have a loving, traditional relationship. Vicki never seemed to be respectful or truly loving towards Donn from the footage we watched all these years, and Tamra stated that she and Simon had a very tumultuous relationship the entire time they were married.

Fact: Alexis and I are great friends, but we will not make excuses for each other's bad behavior, and we will call each other out.

Fact: She had a lot to say about my relationship with Jeff, but never met him and never spent any time with him and I together.

Fact: She never came to the hospital and obviously did not care that my fiancé was dying, however she expects everyone to have compassion and feel bad for her and her situation when she went to the hospital.

Fact: Jeff died, Vicki went back to work the next day.

Fact: I was the ONLY person that showed up in the hospital when Vicki was there.

Fact:  Her "concerned" friend Tamra stayed and drank at the bar with Fernanda after the fashion show and never even went to the hospital. When cameras went down she no longer seemed so concerned. 

Fact: Although Vicki hasn't always been nice to me, I actually like Vicki and wish her nothing but happiness and the best for her future.

Tamra (oh boy, you know there is a lot here to address:
Fact: She is always in everyone else's business, yet has the audacity to be furious with Jeana when she gets into her business.

Fact: Tamra never even met Jeff, never saw us together or interact, never knew anything about our relationship, never came to the hospital, and never had met the guy that called her in the middle of the night. Yet she claims she had every right to have an opinion, make false accusations, claim I was being paid by Jeff, that I was a gold-digger, and continuously insert herself into my situation.

Fact: Jeana spent a lot of time with Tamra and Simon together and never saw signs of Simon being abusive towards Tamra.

Fact: Tamra has never spent any time with Slade and his son, and has never met Grayson or his mother Michelle. 

Fact: There is no good reason for Tamra to have inserted herself into Slade and Michelle's situation regarding Grayson Fact: Slade received texts from Michelle confirming that Tamra reached out to her.

Ironic Fact: We then see Tamra calling Michelle on the reunion show…again

Fact: Tamra does not know anything about Slade's financtial contribution towards child support, expenses, or medical expenses when it comes to Gray.  She has never attempted to verify with Slade what she had been told, she just ran with what she was told by someone else. 

Fact: Slade would be in jail if he negligently didn't pay child support and had the means too. 

Fact: Her truth is only based off of hearsay.

Fact: Michelle states on the phone that Slade has never contributed to Grayson's expenses. Notice she does not state "Child Support" which is what Tamra is accusing Slade of not paying. 

Fact: I challenge any news outlet, Tamra, or anyone that has balls enough to get the correct information about this support issue out there to ask for proof and documentation regarding payments and contributions to Grayson and his mother.  Slade will have no problem disclosing those documents.

Fact: Grayson's mother is constantly denying Slade from seeing his son despite his continuous email requests.  Again I challenge any news outlet to post and review the hundreds of emails from Slade requesting to see Grayson and the constant denial from his mother.

Fact: Slade has a job as a consultant and has worked for many different companies. The income comes and goes just like a real estate agent goes from listing to listing. Commission based jobs usually are that way, and I would think Tamra would know this. So what does she do for work again, besides getting into others' business?

Fact: Tamra did not even sell her own house.  If she was a practicing real estate agent, wouldn't she sell her own house? Fact: Tamra judges Slade as a parent, yet she is the one in the bathtub naked with her new boyfriend before she is even divorced.

Fact: Tamra states on the reunion that when she has the kids they are with her, yet Tamra's own actions this season contradict this. When it was her week to have the kids, she instead ran off to Spain with her boyfriend and didn't even let Simon know she was leaving the kids with her mom.

Fact: Tamra claims she is so happy and in a better place, but all season we see her angry and bitter towards others, volatile, and actually becoming violent with Jeana. We see her talking crap, make accusations again, and bad mouthing people. Fact: Tamra proves over and over again that she is a malicious person with evil intent by always meddling in someone else's business when she thinks it could make them look bad and deflect from her bad behavior.

Fact: Tamra claims she is not obsessed with me, but seems to know everything about my life and what Slade and I are doing every week, by saying things like, "Just follow him on Twitter and you will see he is with Gretchen everywhere." I'm sorry last time I checked most couples do things together. Why is she following us on Twitter? We don't follow her.

Fact: Tamra has admitted to having google alerts on our names, and my fans are always letting me know that she is constantly posting about Slade and I on her Facebook page or re-posts nasty things that come out in the press about us

Fact: Tamra cannot take what she dishes out, and always runs and deflects when she gets addressed with her own stuff.

Fact: Tamra has burned and alienated Simon, Jeana, Alexis, Jim, me, Slade, Vicki (last year), and Fernanda this year.  So my question is how can we all be wrong about her?

Fact: (Just for fun) Tamra does not even know how to say "cease and desist" correctly.

Fact: Tamra proves over and over again that she is a hypocrite, a liar, and now has proven through the reunion show that she delusional about all of it.  

Fact:  A true sign of character is when one recognizes their mistake and moves on in a positive direction.

Fact: I could go on and on and on, but it's just a waste of time, because she will never get it.

Fact: I sincerely feel sorry for her.

Fact: She and I have always gotten along and I have no issues with her except that she does not hold Tamra accountable to the same standards that Tamra holds everyone else too.

Fact: I am not perfect and I make mistakes.

Fact: I have tried to learn from them and make better decisions.

Fact: I decided that I would be assertive towards those who have treated me poorly in the past.

Fact: I have tried over and over with Tamra to help her understand why I am upset and what it would take to make things right between us.

Fact: Tamra has never sincerely apologized on this show for her actions towards me and the accusations that she has made that affected not only me, but my family and Jeff's children.

Fact: I have forgiven her so I can move forward myself, but I will not forget until she takes the proper steps to make it right and admit she had no knowledge or business talking about something she did not know anything about.

Fact: I do not blame Tamra for any of my poor decisions. I blame her for making false accusations.

Fact:  Slade and I have received multiple phone calls, texts, emails, tweets and messages with information regarding Tamra, her past, and her dirty laundry. However we do not even care enough to bring it up or try to go on a rampage to ruin her reputation or family just because someone has reached out to us. 

Fact: Alimony and child support in this economy is a difficult subject. People shouldn't judge the victims of our country's issues, they should be calling out to their leaders.  When the economy changes your lifestyle, sometimes you can't control it. I know many people who changed tax brackets recently and had to go to court to adjust child support and alimony.  That does not make them a bad parent; it makes them real about the effects of this economy.

Fact: I love Slade and he is an amazing loving father. Just ask Grayson or Gavin (his oldest son).

Fact: I am so over this show and glad this season it is done for now.  The drama, the fights, and the backstabbing is not how my friendships are in my day-to-day life, and I am so grateful for that.

Fact:  I have a grounded wonderful group of family and friends that support and love me for me. I have amazing and loyal fans that have stuck by me and appreciate me living authentically through this show no matter how hard it is at times.

That's about it when it comes to the reunion!

With that said be sure to stay in touch with me and visit my website for all the new and exciting things I have coming up with the expansion and growth of the Gretchen Christine Collections!

The latest addition to my beauty collection, Gretchen Christine Tanning Solution, has been a huge hit and the emails from the customers have come pouring in with rave reviews about their glowing tans.  Be sure to get yours today! Type in "Reunion Special" and get 10% off your order this week!

So many have asked me to add "Team Gretchen" to my blinged out tees and tanks section on the site, I was hesitant at first, but after this week's reunion and the outpour of emails and tweets begging me to make it available, I finally gave in!

You can stay in touch with me through or Twitter @gretchenrossi as well! 

Till next time! 

Thanks again for all the support and love this season! Love you guys!


Gretchen Christine

What Does Your Happy Look Like?

Check out my very personal and in depth Interview with to find out what my "Happily Ever After" looks like in business and my personal life.


“Happily ever after” is often used to describe a storybook ending. But what is “Happily ever after?”  Chances are most women have a similar idea of the perfect ending. To Gretchen Rossi (a.k.a the “pretty one”) of Bravo’s largely viewed reality show The Real Housewives of  O.C, “happily ever after” has come to mean something a lot different. had the opportunity to speak with Gretchen and discuss her new business ventures since becoming the “housewife” who never quite became an actual stay-at-home housewife.

When we began our interview one of the first things Gretchen said was, “I always believed in ‘happily ever after’…” For some of you looking in on Gretchen’s life you might think, “What’s not to be happy about?”  After all, she’s a TV star, with a new product line and is now in a supportive relationship with partner Slade Smiley, whom she calls her “icing on the cake.” However, this “real life” had some bumps in the road.  After her long-term college romance and marriage to Chris Rossi ended, her next relationship ended with the sad illness and eventual passing of her fiancé, Jeff Beitzel. Through these experiences Gretchen came to the understanding that her happy ending did not mean she had to be the stereotypical married suburban wife with a white picket fence.  She recently realized her “happily ever after” was one she could – and would – create on her own.

Although this “happily ever after” is a constant journey, Gretchen is excited to tell us about its steady progression as she confidently steers her Gretchen Christine Collection and its branded products in the right direction. If it wasn’t clear enough already, Gretchen is quick to encourage women not to get caught up in what society expects of them, but rather forge their own paths and not get lost along the way.

So, how did her entrepreneurial spirit take flight? Well first and foremost she credits her supportive parents who are both entrepreneurs themselves. But the spark happened for Gretchen when she wore a beautiful, coral-colored Versace purse on one of the shows for Bravo’s Real Housewives of the O.C. Through this appearance she received countless emails asking where she got the handbag. Gretchen explains, “When I wrote back to the emails saying it was a Versace design most of the fan responses were that of disappointment because they felt the bag was far too expensive for them to purchase.” This made her realize, “Every woman out there wants to be a fashionista and wants access to high fashion, but they may not always have the means to purchase these items at will. I love listening to my fans and I was encouraged to bring them their request: High quality, beautiful handbags that make other women stop them on the street to admire their gorgeous accessory. I wanted to make them feel like a million bucks, but without having to break the bank.” This idea of more-for-less has become the concept behind both of Gretchen’s companies: Gretchen Christine Collection & Gretchen Christine Beaute.

The process began with a handbag line based off the idea of everything a woman could find in her closet. The first handbag collection was an all leather design entitled the Pearlized Leather Collection. After being asked to debut the line on ShopNBC they loved the products so much they wanted to give her a full hour on the show and suggested she develop another line. Through this request, Gretchen developed theWoven Collection of handbags, which is a combination of patent leather woven with the regular leather. Each purse has a custom designed wall for organizing cosmetics, so one is never rummaging through a Gretchen Christine bag. Gretchen told us, “The response from fans for both collections has been amazing and after almost selling out on the ShopNBC show, the handbags went on to further sell out on our website.” The company is now working on her new line for the upcoming season.

When we asked Gretchen about her marketing strategies for both the handbag and makeup collections, she replied, “It’s interesting because being a young entrepreneur usually means you don’t have a lot of money in the bank and can’t spend tons of money on advertising and marketing. So, instead we decided to focus on the smaller details. I was my own customer and asked myself what I enjoyed most about receiving purchases in the mail and what made specific product stand out to me more. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking how we needed to buy pink crinkle paper to put in the boxes and pink bubble wrap to wrap the cosmetics in. It’s these cute, small details that get customers excited!”

Gretchen made sure not to miss one detail and at the same time made sure to watch every penny as it got spent. She also had her partner Slade help her build the companies, as he is great with marketing and business. Together, they decided to network with their perspective connections, advertise in magazines, appear at empowerment exposé’s for women, hand out company fliers giving 10% off, and send out email blasts to fans and contacts alike. “It’s really just about word of mouth and customer service, we have great quality products and they honestly speak for themselves. We’ve been fortunate with the launch of the handbags to have ShopNBC approach us and get the word out. The cosmetic line was very different, but we were able to launch that through the show and when it aired we couldn’t keep up with orders, we even had to shut down the site as we completely sold out within the first 3 weeks,” Gretchen explains. She does, however, acknowledge she has the added bonus of extra advertising due to the Bravo show. She is decidedly taking advantage of the foot-up and still drives her point that her products carry quality and speak for themselves once worn.

This happily ever after doesn’t stop here. As earlier stated, Gretchen’s first goal is to create the ultimate closet for all of her fans. She describes her process as a marathon, not a sprint. She plans to slowly create more and more items to fill your fashionably fabulous closet.

When inquiring about investors and people who might have asked to take her company to the next level, Gretchen was quick to explain how there had been many offers, but she had maintained the answer “no, thank you” for the first year of her product release. Her reasoning: “It was not because I didn’t need the money, but rather because I find when people allow investors in they tend to loose control of their companies and the brand they had originally envisioned. Some of these “outside people” are more interested in making a quick buck, rather than the real integrity of my brand.”

Now that Gretchen has her brand off the ground and resembling what she had envisioned, the company is in talks with some choice investors. There is excitement at the thought of extra capitol behind the Gretchen Christine brand, but she makes sure her contract is clear about her majority of ownership, so as to maintain control. Gretchen is quick to warn about what you wish for when looking for your happily ever after, “So many nights I cried due to discouragement and the feeling I could not keep up. All this owed to the fact that I didn’t have multiple employees, I couldn’t pay a professional to take on all my marketing and advertising, and I still had other numerous responsibilities that came from being on the Bravo TV show.” However, Gretchen is very grateful for all the struggles as she feels they taught her to be a better person in business and in life.

Read the full interview here.

xoxox Gretchen Christine

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