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Happy Tuesday everyone! Check out my interview on Saturday Magazine - read what I have to say about relationships, dating, and how to treat a lady.

What do you look for most in a guy?
Gretchen Rossi: A sense of humor, that is a must. If a guy doesn’t make me laugh then he’s out of there.

SNMag: What is your biggest turnoff?
GR: A guy that is just full of himself, who thinks his crap doesn’t stink, if you know what I mean. Because if someone is not able to make fun of themselves…it’s just…arrogance.

SNMag: What would be the perfect date?
GR: It depends on if we are doing casual or if we are going all out. If we are going all out then here in Newport Beach there is this gondola ride that goes through the harbor. And just to be with my guy and have somebody be romantic like that and have some wine and cheese and take me to a nice restaurant, maybe go for a walk on the beach.

SNMag: What’s the worst pickup line a guy has ever used on you?
GR: This guy was like, “So, are you tired?” and I said,“What? Am I tired?” and he was said, “Yeah, because you’ve been running around my head all day,” and I was just like “Are you kidding me right now?”

SNMag: How can a guy successfully impress a girl on a date?
GR: Pick the girl up, and make sure she’s comfortable. Also, it’s always so important that the guy opens your door for you. That is my first dead giveaway if a guy is a true gentleman. I think the biggest tip I can give people is to notice that the guy is the same with you as he is with every other woman in his life—whether it’s his sister, whether it’s his grandma, his mom, or just some lady just walking through the door.

SNMag: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
GR: You know, they kind of have to impress me first for me to even go out on a date with him, and by the time we are going out on a date it’s a good thing and the relationship normally lasts.

SNMag: What’s the best piece of love advice you’ve ever received?
GR: The best piece of love advice was from my parents who said, “No matter what, the relationship is never going to be 50/50” meaning that there might be a point in the relationship that things are 50/50, but overall it’s a give and take. It is going to be 90/10, sometimes it’s going to be 70/30.

SNMag: We know you are not against dating guys that are older than you — would you ever consider dating a guy who was younger?
GR: I wouldn’t say I would rule it out but I really am not attracted to young guys. They just don’t do it for
me. They’re very immature and I’ve always tended to date older guys than me. I would never rule it out, but
I haven’t met any younger guys that have really impressed me.

SNMag: What’s the best cure for a broken heart?
GR: Alcohol…No, I am just kidding. For me, there are a couple of things. I am a writer, so if I’ve had a broken heart, I write. Honestly, it’s also just having a good support system, having people around you that support you and love you and make sure that you don’t go into a downward spiral. The best piece of advice that I could give people is that no one can rob you of your joy.

SNMag: What’s the best revenge against an ex?
GR: To not even acknowledge what they are doing. Just to move on with your life and to be successful and to be happy.

SNMag: What’s a good opening line to talk to your crush or to get a guy’s attention?
GR: Giggle? No, I’m just kidding. Guys love the chase. Girls tend to fall goo-goo gaga head-overheels for a guy and guys don’t like that. Guys don’t want to know everything about you the first night you are together and you lay in bed and you just have diarrhea of the mouth and they learn everything about you. Give him a little taste and then walk away from it and kind of tease him.

SNMag: If you’re single, where’s a good place to meet guys?
GR: Not bars! Bars are just a big hookup joint. Guys are just looking for some hot girl to walk in and literally the guys all have bets over which one of them is going to get her in the sack that night. It’s not a good place to
find a serious relationship. The best place to meet a quality person is through people recommending somebody or setting you up through family friends or whatever it is. The bar situation is going to leave you with a broken heart.

SNMag: What do you do if your friends don’t like the person you’re dating?
GR: That has happened to me many times before, and it’s not just friends, it’s the entire community. You have to be true to yourself, and you have to decide what’s right for your life. But if it’s everybody around you or all the people you trust and love in your life, you really have to take heed to that. You have to step back and go, “Okay, what are they seeing that I’m not seeing?” because love is blind and it can really distort what is going on.

SNMag: Are you a firm believer in “chicks over dicks?” — that girls should always stick together when it comes to guys no matter what?
GR: I think that if somebody is truly in love with a person, especially when you get to a point of marriage, that is really your priority. I think there is a fine balance. When you are in college and you are with your girls, it makes more sense to stick together. When you get to my age, and are getting married, I think that kind of changes.

Read the full article here.
What do you look for in your partner?

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine

Ask Gretchen: What Products Should I Use to Kick Dry Skin?

Happy Friday Everyone! I've been getting a lot of great questions in my Ask Gretchen section of my website. I still have a ton left to answer, but I am definitely answering them! A lot of the questions are about my GCB make-up line, and a lot are like this one from Amber:

"Hi Gretchen! First, I just want to say love your web site and you are an amazing person! Can't wait for season 6 of RHOC! You are the best housewife! Here is my question: My face is super dry! So my make-up dosen't look good. I even use your face primer. What products should I use to kick this dry skin! I live in Iowa so I don't think this cold weather is helping!"

Dear Amber,

Thanks so much for sweet and kind comments in your e-mail, it means the world to me! I also have worked so hard on this site, so it’s always such a pleasure to hear that my customers and fans love it!

As far as your dry skin goes, you need to think about your skincare regimen. Be sure what you are using to wash your face is not stripping your skin of its natural oils. Toners are one of those things that really strips the skin due to the alcohol content in them. It’s very important to find a really great moisturizer as well. One that is light but super rich in antioxidants. I actually have one custom made for my skin type from my facialist. It’s not too expensive and it’s worth it cause she makes it for my skin type! If you can’t afford to go to a dermatologist then you have to test different products from your local drug store. I always loved Aveeno and Neutrogena Products. Cold weather never helps, so you need to make sure you exfoliate all the dead skin off every once in a while too!

As far as Gretchen Christine products go, the face primer is a great start to make a smooth layer for your make-up application. All my foundations have great texture and aren’t cakey!  Be sure to ask for samples of the colors you think might work first before you buy since we cannot issues refunds on our products due to the nature of make-up being sold through the mail!

Hope this helps you! Thanks again for being such a fan!

Want to ask me a question, click here and ask away!

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine


Beauty Community Tip of the Week: Kissable Lips

It is important to keep your lips moist, healthy and happy – especially for this Valentine’s Day. An easy way to do that is to apply lip balm and lipstick that contain SPF. This helps protect your skin from sun damage, wrinkles around your lips, and keeps definition.

For thin lips, try using a lip plumper. Most lip plumper use ingredients like cinnamon, menthol or caffeine for a slight tingling sensation that safely swells up the lips. For daily care and long lasting results try Chanel’s Hydramax + Active Lip Care ($45). For the girl on the go, instantly get fuller sexier lips with GCB Lip Plumpers ($16). To define your lip line use La Prairie Cellular Lip Line Plumper  ($85) – this plumps up thin lips, reduces vertical lip lines, and builds definition.

Happy Love Day everyone!
xoxoxo Gretchen Christine


Get Glamorous!

image has created a "Glamtastic" page combining beauty and my recent Turbo Tax commercial! There you can watch my Turbo Tax on-air spot  (click on link towards the bottom) or learn more about my Gretchen Christine Collection, Plus a chance to enter and win a deluxe spa getaway to NYC!! Check it out here!

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine


Bravo's The Dish Features My Blog!

Bravo TV's blog,The Dish, found my little 'ol blog here and blogged about it! Thank you for supporting my Beauty Community Tip of the Week!! Read the entry below, or visit The Dish for the full article:

"You don’t need to live in a posh, gated community to have hair like one of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Getting that sun glistening shine is simple, thanks to Gretchen Rossi generously divulging her low-maintenance recipe.

“Eating the correct things really help with keeping your hair, nails and skin looking great!” the ‘Wife blogs. Who needs pricey extensions and hours wasted at the hair salon? “If you are trying to grow out your hair, try eating more soy. Strengthen your hair with types of vitamin B, like B2, B6 and B12 found in avocados, tuna and bananas.”

Gretchen pulls out the big beauty guns by advising fans to “try GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid found in flaxseed, pistachios, olives, and primrose oil. GLA encourages hair growth, a natural and healthy shine, and fights dandruff. It's hard to add GLA to your everyday diet, but it really pays off!” (We dug in the O.C. archives to pull together more of Gretchen’s glamtastic tips.)

Not surprisingly, the svelte beauty warns to push any processed food, caffeine or junk food away from your mouth. “These can really remove the lights from your hair and dry it out,” Gretchen writes. The Gretchen Christine beauty line founder also gives a friendly reminder, “Obviously keeping it cut, deep conditioning treatments, and the right products -- that don't strip the hair of its natural oils -- always help."

xoxox Gretchen Christine

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