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UPDATE as of Oct 18th, 2013: Well I have been doing this program now for the last few months and I have to say I am feeling 100% better and I am sooo glad I tried out this HOPE program. I think it has really made the difference for my stomach and I hope any of you who were experiencing the same issues I was having were able to try this program as well.  If not then get started today because I promise it works!  I don't even like taking supplements but I woke up everyday excited to take them because they have made  make me feel so much better.  If you tried this program with me, let me know your thoughts and experiences with it! Thanks again to all the fans and Brenda Watson for helping me with my road to recovery!

Original Post:

My Fans Are the Best!

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, you might have missed me recently turning to my fans and sharing some issues I’ve been having with my stomach lately.  With all of the travelling that Slade and I are doing for work, and with the constant filming and running of our businesses, I think the stress has been catching up with me and is affecting my stomach.  Specifically I've been feeling run down, my stomach is constantly upset, and even though I've been tired, I haven't been sleeping all that well. No one likes feeling crummy, especially me because I am always on the go and have to be at my best while taking business meetings, hosting events, and doing appearances while meeting the fans.

When I reached out to you guys on twitter your feedback was unbelievable, so thank you so much!

The idea of taking probiotics and enzymes came up a number of times. Even going through a full-cleanse (if I do this Slade is going to be doing it right alongside me J) was recommended by a handful of you. One supplement company kept getting recommended - ReNew Life. I asked you all if you had tried it before and I got a positive response.  Because I was talking about it on Twitter their President & Founder Brenda Watson, who happens to be a fan of the show as well, reached out to me and offered to help me. It wasn’t long before our Direct Messages turned into an email and then a phone call to really talk through my symptoms. I mean this is the exact reason I love Twitter! Over the past week we've talked twice and she recommended a special program for me to try out. She also encouraged me to take a test to see if I'm gluten-intolerant - which many of you recommended as well. But first things first. Giving up bread and pasta is scary considering how much I love it!

With the encouragement of my fans and now Brenda Watson (ironically I found out that she’s regarded as the top "gut health" expert in the world), I'm officially on ReNew's H.O.P.E Formula. I've made a commitment to try H.O.P.E. for a couple of months. I'm excited about feeling better and I'm hopeful this helps.

Here are the products that make up the H.O.P.E. formula. Thanks to Brenda, I now have the understanding why this is a good regimen for me and what each of the products do.  However their website explains it as well.

- Organic Triple Fiber - helps with digestion and detoxification
- Norwegian Gold Super Critical Omega - fish oil supplements
-Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion Probiotic - #1 probiotic great for digestion and bowel function
-DigestMORE Ultra - an enzyme that relieves bloating and overall stomach discomfort among other things

If any of you are having similar issues as me, I encourage you to try the program with me and let’s talk on social media and see what we think. I promise to keep you guys abreast with how I'm feeling while on H.O.P.E. and also share my thoughts on ReNew. I'm really thankful to Brenda and her team for reaching out to me and taking the time to care about my health enough to get me on a special program.

Now listen - I know this doesn’t replace what a doctor can recommend. However, before I go spend all this money on doctor’s appointments and blood tests etc. I thought I would try the more natural way with supplements; and if that makes me feel better I can avoid all the hassle of doctors and appointments etc., which I love!

Wish me luck! And thanks again to all my amazing fans for helping me with my journey.

Xoxo Gretchen Christine
September 09, 2013 11:06 AM Jennifer Says:

I also have had stomach issues for the last year. I have had problems with my kidneys and always thought it was part of having kidney stones so often, Due to my father having colon cancer at such a young age now that im 30 i have to get tested every two years yuck lol. But when i finally did the procedure i realized that i am lac tose intolerant which i never knew. Had to completely change my diet. Started eating alot of organic foods and cut alot of dairy out. My stomach probems had stopped and also stop getting kidney stones so much. Even though there are pills for when you eat diary i try and eat less because im to afarid of taking pills over the counter every day lol, But its a thought in case the supplements dont work :)

September 07, 2013 4:35 AM Denise Says:

Hi, I've recently had stomach problems too, and after endoscopy and colonoscopy that were all fine it was mainly due to IBS which the main cause is due to stress. Denise x

September 06, 2013 9:30 PM Barb Says:

Gretchen, I have been going through stomach issues myself for the last 6 months, they have finally diagnosed me with colitis! It seems everything I try, from probitotics, to all natural products, to anti-biotics is not helping. Not to mention that I have no insurance, but my local hospital and drs office have been amazing, next step is Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon NH. And I got denied for SSDI, who can work like this..... Thank you for your inspiring words and hopefully I hear back from are my favorite and I think you are getting a raw deal on OC Sincerely, Barb Lane

September 06, 2013 7:04 PM dannabunny Says:

Im so glad to hear you are trying the natural way in healing your stomach issues. Me and my husband and 17 year old son use these products. Way to go Gretchen! Love ya girl! Dannabunny

September 06, 2013 4:39 PM Sharon Says:

Gretchen, I urge you to have a blood test for coeliac disease, make sure you get the gene test. Lots of people have it without knowing, my daughter has just been diagnoised at 18. She would wake with stomach pain, i am also in the process of waiting for results as well. I wish you well.

September 06, 2013 7:26 AM linda Says:

you really should go to see your doctor to get a check up.

September 06, 2013 5:47 AM Vicki Says:

Our son is a Chiropractic Doctor, who owns his own clinic and teaches the natural holistic cleansing also. Good luck honey.

September 06, 2013 2:25 AM Pamela Says:

Gretchen, I mailed you about a friend who had problems and couldn't think of the name of it...well, I finally did, but, no matter. I also have stomach problems. I have GERD and IBS. (Gastro-"Intestinal-something or other and Irritable Bowel Sydrome). I'm so very grateful you found this. I'm on the band~wagon with you beginning ASAP. Am not a "Twitter~fan" and don't have an account, but think I may sign up for one to follow you on this journey. Please, Please, keep us up~to~date on FB about this or email us (me) so I will know how it is working for you. I will keep you informed also. You're a great young spirited girl with so much ahead of you, keep up the great work and I'll be following. Much happiness Gretchen. <3

September 05, 2013 9:49 PM Cindy Says:

Dear Gretchen , I am so glad you have found something to try! I hope it works very well and your tummy troubles are over! Sincerely, Cindy

September 05, 2013 9:42 PM Nicki Says:

I have heard so many great things about ReNew Life! Excited to hear what you have to say!

September 05, 2013 7:38 PM ivannia Says:

Dear Gretchen. I also suffered the same symptoms and they worsen when im on my period.. Im 44 and have been suffering for years.. Since December I did a cleanse and started on the ingredients that you mentioned and it has been a miracle for me.. I also became Vegan and now even the excrutiation intestinal pain i would get during menses has disappeared... I use a product called EMPTINESS. I love it. Doctors will not advice on natural remedies, it is not cost effective for them.. Good luck

September 05, 2013 7:30 PM Your Says:

Your Comment:don't you think the natural way would be to try to adjust your diet to eat foods that naturally provide all of the above-mentioned benefits, without the supplements? Beauty Detox solution by Kimberly synder has been a lifesaver and changer for me, and her plan provides for omegas, probiotics, and digestive enzymes through the food you eat. Just my two cents. It's a complete lifestyle and dietary change, rather than a fad or short term fix.

September 05, 2013 7:25 PM Gina Says:

Hope this product works for you BUT if not please look up Dr. Schulze's Intestional Formula...... In my opinion the BEST product out there!!! Take Care:)

September 05, 2013 6:34 PM sadie Says:

Gretchen, I also have struggled with stomach issues for years, I am 36 and getting married in two weeks and am very excited to try the products. i ordered them tonight and will try them just as you are. good luck to us both!

September 05, 2013 6:12 PM Laurie Says:

Hi Gretchen, I had a similar problem at one time. I think stress affected my stomach. A doctor put me on Nexium for a month straight. After a month I went to a gastrologist and they did a scope and didn't find anything. He believes Nexium healed my stomach. If the holistic method works I wish you the best! If not there is always Nexium. Laurie

September 05, 2013 6:02 PM Lisa Says:

on FB this caught my eye, how embarrassing for me, since turning 44 i have had many issues one of them being going to the bathroom with any regularity.. I do a cleanse every other month from trader joes, but i need to be regular everyday! is this a product are you thinking that could be a daily helper? Not only am i gaining weight from this, i am also bloated and very very uncomfortable.. Is Brenda possibly saying this could help??TY Lisa

September 05, 2013 5:46 PM Alison Says:

Hi Gretchen First off I'm a huge fan and follow you on Twitter. I know you get a lot of comments but if you have even a free second to send me a quick email to explain your symptoms I'd appreciate it, I've been finding myself with discomfort myself every night. It actually will wake me up which leaves me exhaustsd all day. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Alison

September 05, 2013 5:42 PM Laura Says:

I hope this program works for you. I agree it is better to try a natural way before seeking a doctor (as long as it's nothing life threatening). Take care and good luck.

September 05, 2013 5:34 PM Amy Says:

Gretchen probiotics are great but I would love for you to go Gluten Free. Cut out ALL wheat from your diet. I did this in December and have never felt better! Granted I am older than you, 50, it has worked wonder. Good Luck

September 05, 2013 5:28 PM tina Says:

If your gluten intolerant watch out for gluten in makeup etc...Good luck on your journey. Hopefully you will be feeling great soon.


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