Alexis' Surprise

Hi Everyone! Week two! Terry and his damn onion rings! LOL! I thought it was hilarious to see those two fighting about onion rings all night. Then Tamra calling Heather out about her Costco desserts that they weren't handmade and Heather pinching Terry while he concurred was even funnier to me! I seriously was dying laughing; leave it to Terry to blow her cover!

As you saw it was awkward at the table between Vicki and Tamra, so I thought that by letting Vicki know that Tamra was just being a protective friend that it could help break the ice so they could talk. Interestingly enough, I understand Vicki being hesitant to jump back into the relationship because she was hurt by the way Tamra went about things. I have been there before with her and she doesn't always have the best way of going about things. Tamra herself has admitted that she retreats and gets mean at times, like Vicki said. However Vicki was no gem in this situation either and said some pretty mean things in an email to Tamra over the summer.

Hearing them talk in the wine cellar was actually a surprise to me since Tamra had voiced such a different tune to me for the last nine months about Vicki. However I was glad to see they could talk and try to work through their issues.

I, of course, am going to be protective over Tamra, because we had become so close, and be wary of Vicki playing the "poor me card" to pull Tamra back in. Vicki is very good at playing the victim and making everyone feel bad for her. Even Eddie, who was good friends with Vicki, said she is a liar, a manipulator, and can be deceiving in her ways. I was relieved to know it was not just me who feels this way about her.

I wanted Vicki and Tamra to make up, but I believed they really needed to address some serious issues before they could go back to being BFFs. I think a lot of the time they just ignore it and act like nothing happened, which is so odd to me.
I realized at the table that Vicki finally understood what it felt like to have everyone talking crap about your significant other. I don't wish that on anyone; however I am glad she finally understood that it is not a good feeling when you love someone so much, and all you want is people to support you in your decision. Funny how things come full circle. She had so many negative things to say about Slade and it sucked. Thus the reason I have tried to stay mum about Brooks and just encouraged her that if she loves him, she should just be with him. To me that should not be hard.

I questioned Vicki not being honest about her relationship with Brooks because as you will continue to see her story kept changing all season. I believed she was more afraid of the wrath from everyone, or that she was embarrassed to be with him because everyone that was close to her was weary of him. To me if you love someone and truly believe in them being a good person you stick by their side, no matter what. I did with Slade, and it was not hard because I knew what everyone was saying was bull- honkey.

I think Vicki is actually questioning what everyone is feeling because there is part of her that might believe it is true. I don't say that because I don't like Brooks, because I actually find him to be a very charming man. I say that because her actions speak louder than words. Bottom line, I want all of us women to be happy in their relationships and she deserves to be happy, so she cannot worry about what anyone else thinks! She has to do what is right for her and her life.

It was a surprise to hear Alexis be honest about her and Jim's situation last year, and I'm glad she finally said it like it was. What I have noticed about her in our past friendship is that even when things are really tough or things are not going well, she puts on this front of "everything is great" even when I knew things weren't. And honestly after a while it just gets draining. I want to feel like my friends can be honest about whatever is going on in their lives; good or bad, and not always try to sugar coat it. I think Alexis is finally learning to open up more and realize that it's OK to not be perfect and have some issues. I hope she continues to do this as I think it will help her grow as a person. I was happy to see her and Jim doing better, and happy for their new business venture!

As discussed last week I was super excited for Slade's new radio show! I was so very happy for him and the success of Radio Slade! He has worked really hard to get out of debt and try to get things back in order after the hard hit we all took when the economy went to crap. He was the highest rated hour of Playlist 92.7 within just the first few weeks. He also shut the servers down because of how many people were tuning in via the web. His voice was made for radio if you ask me, and he worked really hard on prepping every show and having fun, silly, comedic, and up-to-date pop culture content on his show.

Of course out of all the shows he did, you see the most controversial one where he spoke about people getting work done and it being awkward when showing up to a party. He was hired because they loved him at the Improv, so he has to do his comedic bits, but I swear sometimes I might kill him! He and I don't agree on some of his content as you saw last year with this act at the Improv. You can hear his more fun and uplifting shows at

Thanks again for all your support on Twitter, Facebook and my social media pages! I love interacting with you guys and having such a supportive fan base! You guys are the best. For any up-to-date things about what I have going on or to find my Gretchen Christine Collections please visit my website

Till next week, many blessings!

Gretchen Christine  

Regretting Ragging on Vicki

To all the amazing fans! It's great to be back and I can't believe it is Season 8 already! I hope you guys enjoy the journey I went on for Season 8, and I appreciate you guys allowing us in your living room every week.

It was wonderful to see Briana having her baby! What a wonderful gift and blessing from God. I'm so happy for her and Ryan. It's fun to see one of us become a grandmother as well. This show is definitely full circle.

It was a transition having Slade move from working out of the home to now working outside the home, five days a week for his new Radio Show: "Radio Slade." However, I, of course, was beyond excited for him and this great new opportunity! This radio opportunity came because of his comedy show; they were looking for a comedian that could host, entertain, and talk about pop culture. His show became the highest rated hour within just the first couple of weeks, which was super exciting. For more info go to

And, for all those making fun of me not being able to make coffee, I agree! I'm a dork, but the truth is I know how to make it, it had just been a while since I had done it and I forgot exactly how the machine worked. Slade always makes me the perfect cup so I wanted to do it the way he does it, and I also think I just missed him so I wanted an excuse to call him. LOL!

We launched the iGO Pink Collection last September to a huge response! The 57 boxes of inventory were supposed to be shipped to our offices in New York for fulfillment, but they were accidentally shipped to us, and therefore you see me up to my head swimming in orders and boxes! This collection was a limited collection of pieces and, as of last Monday when the show aired, we are almost sold out of everything. We only have a handful of iPad, passport, and iPhone clutches left. For many of you asking on Twitter the pink satchel you see me carrying has sold out completely. Unfortunately we do not have plans to go back into production of these since it was a limited collection -- but I will let you know if that changes.

As you can tell Tamra and I are still doing well and having tons of fun together. And NO dressing the same was not planned as you can see! When Tamra came over and referenced that Vicki had work done on her chin, the first thing that popped in my mind was a chin implant, because others in the group had that done by the same doctor. And it just came out, I had no idea she actually had it done!

Needless to say when Vicki showed up to the party I was shocked to see her face sooo swollen, and she had so much hair in her face I could barely tell it was her. I remember thinking why would she go get this work done? I did not feel like she needed it. However looking back, I feel bad that Tamra and I were making fun of it. It was not cool, and I wish I had just kept my mouth shut. It was just such a strange situation to be seeing someone obviously so different and swollen for the first time in months, it's a little bit of a shock and we didn't know how to deal with it at first.

As you can tell I don't like to see any friends fighting, so I encouraged Tamra to be nice and say hello and start the conversation with Vicki. Even though I know Vicki and her had a lot of crap that went on between them, I still wanted them to talk and try to work things out if they could. I hate to see friendships end if its not necessary.

Heather's clambake was beautiful and done to the nines! We had such a fun night! Slade was working so he was unable to be with me that night, but overall we had a fun and great night!

Next week the party gets heated, as Tamra and Vicki come face to face for the first time in months. Be sure to tune in!

Lastly I wanted to say thank you again to all the amazing fans who watch every week and love sharing our lives with us! You guys are the reason for our success! For anyone looking for my Gretchen Christine Collections you can go to to find them.

Till next week, many blessings!

Gretchen Christine  


Hi guys!

I cannot believe another year of RHOC as come and gone! Wow! It has been a very exciting year for me, and I am proud of all the things I have accomplished! I have always been a girl who goes after her dreams. Even if I fail, at least I can say I tried! I am so grateful to all the RHOC fans that tune in every week to watch our stories unfold! It has been another great and successful season full of laughs, tears and change!

Change happened a lot this season -- my relationship with Tamra, my relationship with Alexis, the growing pains that Slade and I went through, my fight and make-up with Vicki, and a new gal joined the group! You guys were right there with me every step of the way. Thank you for your kind messages, support, understanding, and even questioning of some of my actions this season. I read and listen to all of your feedback, good or bad, because that is how I learn to be a better person, friend, and partner.

I never have nor will I ever claim to know everything, but this is what I know for sure: no matter how it might come across at times, I am a very loyal friend and partner -- sometimes to a fault. I believe in the best in everyone, even if it hurts me, and I want to see everyone happy. I wish no ill will towards any of the woman, and I pray and hope every single one of us is successful, blessed, and happy in our own ways.

With that said I will make a couple points about some questions I keep getting from the fans.

Let's start with one of the most popular questions: Why have I chosen Tamra over Alexis? The fact of the matter is there was never a choice to be made. I never needed to only be friends with Tamra or only Alexis. One simply does not affect the other, at least from my point of view. I do believe however that by choosing to forgive and move on with Tamra it changed how Alexis acted towards me. She started to challenge everything I did or didn't do. I was always doing something wrong in her eyes from that day forward. I finally had to realize and ask myself If Alexis really was such a close friend of mine? Because the truth is, if she really was and really knew me then she never would have questioned if I had her best interest at heart. I am still very close with my friends from high school and college and they never would have thought the things Alexis thought I was out to do to her. I had to come to grips with that truth and it has made me very sad. Unfortunately, I don’t want or need friends like that in my life.

And so here is what I know for sure: I know that I never changed towards Alexis. I was the same friend I have always been -- straight-forward, honest, and fair (rules apply both ways). I say this because Alexis always asked to stay out of the fight with Tamra and I. She said she wanted to stay neutral and that we both had good points. Well when the tables are turned her same rules don't apply to me and that bothers me. I really wanted nothing more than to stay out of their fight this season. Think about it, you don't see me running around with the other ladies talking smack about Alexis to the other woman, and the girls actually confirmed that I always defended Alexis to them in Costa Rica. I simply told my friend some things she obviously was not wanting to hear in a very non-confrontational, non-aggressive, "I care enough about you to tell you the truth" way. So for her to be playing "Poor me, Gretchen was so mean to me" is ridiculous. I'm not buying it, nor am I going to be the scapegoat.

Another question that keeps coming my way, from both the audience and even Alexis, has been why I decided to bring some things up on camera. I'm sorry did I miss something aren't we on a "reality" show? The whole point of this show is to discuss issues at hand on camera, not off camera. We are expected to have an opinion about things and the other cast members -- good or bad. I am not going to do things only off-camera because that would make me unauthentic. If Alexis specifically asked me not to share something on camera or told me something she said she wanted to keep something private, I would respect that and not discuss a personal thing that I knew she didn't want discussed, but the Fox Five gig and the Costa Rica talk was not one of those topics. If you want everything to be discussed off camera then maybe you shouldn’t be on camera. Just a thought.

Bottom line, I care about Alexis and wish her well. I hope she continues to do what makes her happy, and I hope one day we can make amends. But right now there is just too much hurt and question in my mind if that friendship is what is best for me right now, so I have chosen to step back. I know a lot of you might not understand that right now, but remember there is a lot that is not captured on camera or always shown.

The next question I get a lot of is if Tamra and I are still friends -- and the answer is yes. We talk all the time and have really enjoyed becoming real friends. No it is not fake!!! Even though at times it still seems very strange because of all the past issues, the fact of the matter is that when I forgive I forgive. It's not a half-ass thing. I just move forward. Tonight's moment between her and I is really is what created the space to truly just move on because Tamra finally gave me the validation that I knew I deserved way back when she was questioning me.

As you can see if caused me to get very emotional because I had been wanting that validation for some time now. Many of you keep bringing up all the things she did to me and Slade and I want you all to know that I am very aware of those things and those things left huge marks in my heart at the time. And even though they can’t be erased, they can be fixed and forgiven, and I believe this season has been the start of that. Tamra is in a much better place in her life, which has allowed her to really get to know Slade and I from a different point of view and she has taken many steps to repair the damage her actions might have caused us before. I appreciate that about her and value the friendship we have developed. I might not always agree with her delivery of things and I give her a hard time about some of the things she says, however what I like about her is that at least I always know where I stand with her. There is no guessing or trying to figure it out. She just gives it to me straight even if I don't like it, and I like that in a friend because that is exactly how I am!

I am so happy for her and Eddie! Now all the rumors of me begging for an engagement ring and not being happy for Tamra can be put to rest, because as you see the season unfold you see that is the furthest thing from the truth. I did not even want to be married or engaged at that time. I am happy she is finally in a happy relationship and happy and confident in herself! I have always wanted that for her despite our past! I think every woman deserves that!

Next question is what’s my status with Vicki and how do I deal with someone that is such a hypocrite. Vicki and I don't talk on a regular basis; we are just not that kind of friends. I unfortunately lost a lot of respect for her this season because of so many different things, but again I don't wish her ill. Slade, myself, her and Brooks went to dinner and she apologized to Slade for all the things she said about him. I am very happy she did that. Bottom line with her is that I see she is happy with Brooks and that is all that should matter. However as a woman who has been taken advantage of by a man before, I will definitely be protective and concerned about a man who seems to be raising everyone's red flags, including her own children.

Obviously I don't like that Vicki is hypocritical with a lot of things in her life, and the rules do always seem to apply to everyone but herself. However unless it directly affects me I don't really care how she chooses to life her life. After watching her this season, I actually don't feel bad for her anymore because so many people around her point these issues out to her but she continues to defend her actions and turns a blind eye to it. I hope she repairs her relationship with her daughter and she is making the right decision with Brooks and not alienating her family because of it. I know Brianna and Tamra only wanted what was best for her.

Lastly, but certainly not least, everyone keeps asking if I think Heather was a good addition. The answer is most certainly YES! Heather has become a great friend and she and Terry has been so great to Slade and me. They have brought class, style, and luxury at its finest to the OC Housewives! I really enjoy their company, their children, and their no-nonsense attitude. I am so glad my initial feelings about Heather changed as the season went on. I have come to adore and admire her. She has been a good friend to me, and is constantly concerned if I have the right friends around me (Heather you know what I am talking about. . .LOL) and I look forward to that friendship continuing to grow.

Slade and I are doing great, and as I said we definitely went through some growing pains but he has made some great strides in fixing some of the issues at hand and we are excited about the next stage of our life! BABIES! (hopefully) And the question everyone keeps asking about... marriage? Well I can tell you this, marriage for sure one day! He has his new radio show on playlist 92.7 that I talked about in my blog last week and he is doing so well right now, and I couldn't be happier for him! I love this man with all my heart and soul, and I am a lucky girl to have a man that just adores me, supports me, and loves me for me!

It was sad to see Tamra and Vicki's relationship come to such a drastic end. Nobody wants to see that happen between long time friends. However it is a testament to life and how the seasons are always changing. People come and go in our lives for a reason; I personally believe God has reasons for everything. Sometimes we don’t always understand it at that moment and it hurts and we ask why, but at some point you realize it maybe was for the best. Some people are meant to be friends forever while others just are a short period of time in your life. But each friendship/ partnership was there to teach us something. It’s up to each of us to realize the lesson taught to us and hopefully grow from that.

Well that sums up my thoughts on this season! I know the reunion is going to be full of surprises and friendships are tested again so be sure to tune in!

My new song "Unbreakable" was released today on iTunes and is doing so well thanks to all the amazing fans! The song as many of your know was inspired by Slade's youngest son Grayson who is battling brain cancer. He is a testament to all of us that no matter what life throws you, you can be unbreakable!

Obviously on tonight's episode I give Tamra a bracelet that references how she needs to always remember that she is unbreakable. This song's lyrics can apply to anyone out there that has gone through anything that is tough. Life is hard, and sometimes we feel like we are going to break, but this is why I wrote this song! I want each of you to remember that nothing can stop you, nothing can break you, you are strong enough to get back up and keep fighting no matter what. Blast this song and sing at the top of your lungs that you are unbreakable! Read these lyrics on my website and embrace them.

Please also visit my website to see the story behind the song and how it all came together in studio here.  I am so proud of this song! Be Strong, Be Confident, Be You... Unbreakable!

Lastly all the samples are in for the pink collection, and here is a little sneak peak of them!

You guys are going to die for this collection! It is one of my favorites! I can't wait for you guys to get these bags in the next few weeks! Send your email to to be added to the list and write "Pink Collection" as the subject!

For the most up to date info on what is going on with my collections or just to talk with me please join my Facebook and Twitter pages! I love talking with you guys on there!

Till the Reunion!

Have a very Happy 4th of July! I am headed to Bass Lake with the family! Yes Tamra I'm going to Bass Lake! LOL!

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine

Death by Omission

Hi Guys!

I have been out of commission writing blogs for the last few weeks for a few different reasons (including my extremely busy travel schedule lately) however I have had so many exciting and amazing things happening lately that it's been hard to focus on anything negative. When I see what other Wives are claiming about me on the show or what they "really" think about me when they have told me another thing in person, it sparks emotions and frustrations that creates negativity in my life.

I was finding myself trying to explain the reason why I choose to do something every week in my blog, and the bottom line is that I realized that I don’t have to explain who I know I am or my intentions to anyone. I know my heart, and I know my intentions are always coming from a good place whether it involves my friends or my partner. I have and will never waver from that.

Sometimes I am even willing to risk a friendship for the sake of letting the person know the truth about something they might not be aware of. I would hope a friend would be willing to do the same thing for me. It's not always easy telling your friend or partner something they don't want to hear, but sometimes you have to in order to help them in the long run. Maybe my delivery or timing can get better, but I have only wanted the best for everyone -- including people that I don't even like or get along with per say.

Instead of trying to make anyone, including my fellow 'Wives, try to understand that I am just actively choosing to live in the positive space of knowing who I am, I am confident that one day they will realize it was done out of love and not out of spite.

I found that when I went to write my blog I would end up spending my energy trying to call another 'Wife on something due to their ignorance or self-righteous ways, and I realized that was only hurting me by giving them any energy because their ways are never going to change. Therefore I decided to sink my energy into positive things and it has been the best thing in the world for me, my ultimate goals, and my career!

Do I have a lot to say? Yes. Do I have a lot of frustrations about what people are out saying about me to uncredible media sources simply for press, of course! However I have learned from the no-nonsense infamous business woman Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief of Vogue) that "Death by Omission" is a good motto to live by. Rather than talking negative about a designer they simply just don't make the cut in the magazine.

I’m not claiming I won't ever have something to say again, however I am just taking a break from the negative and am focused on the positive as best as I can right now.

So with that said thank you to everyone that has been sending me such positive messages about all my fun adventures and the great opportunities that I have had come my way lately. I have literally been on a plane every week traveling for work, an appearance, or hosting gig, and therefore it’s been difficult to even find time lately to do anything. So I would like to share a little bit of what has been going on in my world that has been positive lately!

Tamra and I were asked to go on Chelsea Lately a few weeks ago and we had a blast with the whole cast and crew there! Slade and I went on Dr. Drew's show on HLN to talk about relationships, and he paid Slade and I the most memorable compliment yet. He said, "you guys seem to have a very healthy relationship," as if he was beyond shocked... LOL. That one made me crack up!

I was thrilled to be asked on Bethenny's new talk show and had a ball with her and Loni Love (who is hilarious!). I am beyond happy for my fellow Housewife sister and all her success.

Then you can imagine my surprise and excitement when Good Morning America asked me as a designer to give my two cents on the latest concerns regarding dangerous levels of lead in handbags while I was in New York this week. They also filmed me working in my showroom designing my next Gretchen Christine Collection! It was a huge honor to have the Gretchen Christine Collection shown and talked about on Good Morning America! You can check out the clip on my site under videos.

The next bit of fun and exciting news was that Slade was offered his own radio show due to his act that he has been performing at different comedy clubs! Playlist 92.7 was looking for a comedian to host a new talk show for them and Slade is the one who got the job! He is on everyday from 12 to 1pm talking all things Housewives, Hollywood gossip, what men and woman really want, just to name a few topics, plus so much more!

He has a segment called "Life Lessons with Liz" (who is his amazingly brutal and hilarious mom) and even Terry Dubrow is going to be a regular guest talking about the good, bad, and ugly of plastic surgery. This show is the opportunity for everyone to get to see a different side to Slade, the one I know you all haven't ever seen before. It's the Slade I know and wake up with everyday. It's the hilarious, smart, loving, caring, business oriented, real parent, extremely full of information all the time about anything and everything Slade that I feel in love with.

The best news is that last week there were so many listeners that streamed his show live on that it actually shut the servers down! Go Slade! I have always believed in him, and that is why I have stuck by his side through the good and bad for the last three years. It has been hard at times as you all have seen us be authentic, but I knew something big was going to happen for him and it finally has! Congratulations baby! Be sure to tune into Radio Slade weekdays or follow him on Twitter (@sladesmiley) to find out which guest he is going to have on every day! Or better yet, call in and talk to him!

Since I keep getting a lot of questions about it, I wanted to give you an update on my Pink Travel Collection. The samples are in and they are just to die for! Currently we have only five custom, high-end handbags available right now for sale and if you are interested in one of these extremely limited edition, gorgeous, all leather croc, embossed pink satchels please email me at and I can let you know how to get one of these very custom bags.

The more affordable pink satchels will be available in the next 3-4 weeks as well as all the other pieces in the pink travel set.
I have been super hard at work for the last three years building my brand and my companies. As difficult as it can be at times, it has been so worth it and beyond rewarding as I start to see the fruits of my labor reap great success!

As you saw a little bit of this season music and writing is my favorite past time! It relaxes me and gives me a way to express my emotions about the things I have experienced or gone through in my life. No I'm not trying to be Britney Spears, but I am enjoying exploring this space and getting to express myself in ways I haven't before. My new single "Unbreakable" made its world premiere on Ryan Seacrest this morning June 22! You can continue to hear it at here then it will be available June 26th on iTunes for download!

Playlist 92.7 will be playing it on the air all day Monday too if you want to tune it to hear it! Be sure to visit my website to see the behind-the-scenes video of me recording the song in the studio and talking about the inspiration behind the song. It's a great dance song, however there is so much meaning behind the lyrics. This has been a long work in process, and it's something that I am extremely proud of and can't wait to share with all of you.

If you watched the sneak peak of next week's episode you will see me give Tamra a bracelet and talking to her about being "Unbreakable" despite everything that she had going on in her life. This song is a song that can apply to all of us and all the things we all have had to endure in our lives (sickness of a family member, divorce, death, loss of job, ending of a relationship, being bullied, cancer, loss of friendship, etc.) and to always remember that you can be unbreakable no matter what life throws you.

Well that about sums up why I have been a busy little bee and focused on the positive lately. I just wanted to stay in this space for at least another week, if that’s ok with you guys ...LOL.

I hope you guys can understand that, and forgive me for not wanting to talk about things that are draining or negative right now. Thank you to all the amazing fans for giving us RHOC girls another successful season! Be sure to tune into the finale and the reunion, you won't want to miss it!

You guys are my inspiration to keep being Unbreakable no matter what! xoxoxo
Gretchen Christine

Love is Complicated Sometimes

Hi Everyone!

Since I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about the last two episodes I just wanted to say thank you all so such for the positive feedback on my facebook/twitter accounts about my Pussycat Doll Performance! It truly was such a great memory and something I will never forget. You only got to see a glimpse of that night as I had 3 different costume changes and performed on the bar, the stage, a swing, and the carousel horse!  It was great to have all the ladies there supporting my big debut on my first Vegas Stage!  I actually had so many of my dear friends, and family come out that weekend to support and celebrate my performance including Jeff’s daughter who came out all the way from Michigan to join in the fun!  I feel so blessed to have so many great friends and family! That is really what life is all about.

My number one fan, Slade, is the best person on earth and I am so grateful for his constant support, love, patience and encouragement to go after my dreams! Every woman dreams to have that kind of partner in life and I have been so blessed to have found my prince charming.

With that said this blog is going to be a lot about my situation with Slade because many of you are asking me questions about it.  This episode definitely made me cry knowing that Slade loves me so much and wants to give me so much, but just can’t at this time.  Hearing him say that all he wants to do is make sure I know how much he loves me and that I mean more to him than just a girlfriend was so touching. Normally it's always the woman pushing or wanting the man to ask them to marry them and the men are hesitant. It is weird how reversed are roles are compared to the traditional way of doing things.

However, I love that Heather said to Slade that I wouldn’t care what size ring he got me, because she can just see how much we love each other. That statement just goes to show that even in the short amount of time that I have gotten to know her she knows my true heart and that shows she's a good friend if you ask me.  I've had the big diamonds, and big houses, and fancy cars etc. so of course I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy that lifestyle, but I have definitely learned that lifestyle isn’t ultimately what make me happy. What makes me truly happy is that I have a man who loves and adores me, protects me, builds me up when I am down, is the calm in my storm, and makes me feel like the most important person in the world every second of the day.  Slade's and my love is the kind of love I have dreamed of having since I was a little girl.  It's the kind of love I have prayed for my whole life; a love that fulfilled me emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  God finally answered my prayers when he gave me Slade.

Now, I'm sure all your jaws dropped when Slade asked Gabe at Newport Jewelers if he could get a CZ stone at first until he could afford the real thing, but the truth is once I thought about it I realized it was very sweet and showed his vulnerability. He wants to get me a beautiful ring, but knows he just can't right now.  That is hard on a man's ego no matter how you slice it.  I'm so proud of the fact that he is not just pretending to be someone he is not; it's a very brave thing to admit on National Television. Slade is working so hard right now to get out of debt and working multiple jobs to do so. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever known, despite what the other woman think they know about his life and job situation.

Ultimately, I had to laugh because I know his impatience got the best of him. He wanted a certain ring but he couldn't do it right then so he was trying to figure out how to get the ring he really wanted for me. One thing I can assure you about Slade is that he has too much pride too not to get me the real thing, and our jeweler obviously wouldn't allow him to do that anyway! However, he also knows me well enough to know I won't care if it's a ten carat diamond ring or a one carat. Good news is you can always upgrade if and when your financial situation changes later! Kind-of like what my Dad did for my Mom on their 40th wedding anniversary!

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for the kind comments about me making the right decision about not getting married until some things are worked out. It's a hard decision when you love someone so much, but right now it's the right decision for me.  I have worked very hard to get back to the place I was before I got engaged to Jeff.  I was financially self-sufficient and a very hard working business woman.  I never want to lose sight of that again, because working and having my own thing is truly what I love to do, it makes me feel whole.  I lost myself a little when I gave up my career to be with Jeff, so we could travel together and build a bi-coastal lifestyle.

Slade has always supported and encouraged me to continue to go after those dreams and has never asked me to give up those dreams.  My companies are thriving and I am getting to do everything I have ever wanted to do and accomplish in life, and I couldn’t be happier.

The next stage will be adding a family to my life and I don't believe you have to be married to start that. Look at Brad and Angelina six kids later and just now they are engaged! LOL

I am very excited about the next stage of my life with Slade. He is going to make an amazing father to our children! Just like my father has been to me! Was it just me or did Slade and my father remind you of each other in last week's episode? Weird! My parents really do adore Slade and they are excited about the thought of little ones soon as well!

Speaking of kids! Holy Hell with Brianna and Vicki’s scene.  I have to say I am sure proud of Brianna for calling her mom out on some things. Bottom line is that sometimes parents need to be called out too. Brianna is not a 14 year kid being disrespectful to her Mom, she is a grown married adult talking to her mom as a concerned daughter about multiple issues. I am sure it was not easy for Brianna to say some of the things she did, but sometimes it takes someone close to you to make you realize something.  Brianna said a lot of things I have wanted to say to Vicki multiple times. Brianna is dead on that her mom always goes on the defense, deflects from herself, and tries to turn it around on the another person.  What I found the most interesting was when Brianna basically called her mom out for emotionally cheating on Don with Brooks. WHOA!!! When she said she saw things on her mom's computer between the two of them, my mouth dropped to the floor! I was like "oh boy this is going to get ugly". Vicki obviously was upset because she got up and whispered under her breath that she could not believe Brianna went there.  As you all can imagine I could have a whole hell of a lot to say here, however I refuse to do what these woman did to me and make accusations about things I do not know all the details about! It just continues to prove my point that I think she is a major hypocrite.  I sincerely hope that Vicki can start to take a deeper look at herself after this episode and see that even her own daughter is pointing out the same things we are to her.  

My talk with Heather was very heart-felt and it was great to see our relationship starting to grow as friends. I have really come to adore her, and her honesty. She is a straight-forward girl with a great head on her shoulders and a great friend for good sound advice.

I think it was cool that Tamra got the Simon tattoo removed! It shows she is ready to move past that stage in her life and get on to a new and happier chapter in her life.  Sometimes we make mistakes in desperate and confusing times in our life. It sounds like the tattoo was one of the moments for her and it was very cleansing to get that off her body, so she could truly move on with Eddie. Terry is hilarious and Tamra running to the bathroom was hysterical.

I love that Tamra walked Eddie right into his statement about buying her a ring! To see Eddie’s face was classic! That’s a sure way to get a man to put his money where his mouth is! I also understand Tamra's concern regarding the kids because it does always add a different dynamic, however after getting to know Eddie I don't have one doubt that he will be great with the kids and the transition will work out just fine!

In regards to the puppies and princess' party I have decided that it is probably best to just plead the fifth on that one :)

On a lighter note, we have been inundated with e-mails about the new pink collection! So here is the update! I was back in New York all last week meeting with buyers for the new collections, and I am excited to announce that I will be back on Shop NBC with my new collections this fall!  I also got to see all the samples of the new pink collection coming out and I am sooo excited for you guys to see these pieces! They are gorgeous! They are coming very very soon so please be patient with us! Trust me it is worth the wait! The collection will include the pink satchel you saw on the show in the photo shoot I did, a wallet, an i-phone cover, i-pad cover, passport holder, and a 3 piece overnight luggage set.  It's the perfect travel collection! To be contacted once the collection is in stock, sign up on our interest list by sending your email address to and put "pink collection" in the subject line, or visit my website at for more info.

Also I'm so excited to tell you guys about my first acting gig with Telemundo TV! Every Thursday you can check out  for the new series “Mia Mundo” that I am in.   It’s a new bi-lingual series that my fellow bravo sister Jenni Pulos from Flipping out is in as well! The cast and crew were amazing to work with and it was such a great learning experience for me. I was so honored that they wrote this role specifically for me and invited me to be a part of this great cast!

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you know my schedule is very hectic right now with travel and work, but I always read all your messages, even if I can’t always respond.   I cannot say thank you all enough for the constant love and support you show me every week. It means more to me than you guys know!


Gretchen Christine

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