Want your Sexy Back?

Everyone is always asking how I get my eyes to pop and look so great! Well, one of my secrets are my False Lashes from my Gretchen Christine Line! They add so much oomph and drama to my eyes! And if you purchase $39 or more from Gretchen Christine Beaute (from now till Valentine’s Day) we will send you a pair of my favorite lashes…… “Celebrity #138” for FREE! Use the promo code “vday” in the coupon code area when you place your order of $39 or more.

Be sure to get your Sexy Back just in time for your Valentine! Start Shopping now at  to get your FREE Celebrity Lashes today!

Here are some great tips for applying False Lashes:

Use good adhesive. I use “Duo” eyelash adhesive in “dark tone” so it blends with my eyeliner (unlike the white color)

Use tweezers to help apply the lash strip. Be careful not to poke your eye out ladies, but for me this makes it a lot easier to handle then your bare hands. You can also squeeze the tweezers together and help pat down the strip to your eye as well.

Be sure to measure the strip before applying, and cut the strip to fit your eye shape and length of lashes. Hold the strip up to your eye-without the glue first- and see if you need to cut off some of the end of the strip (always cut the long end, so it looks more natural)

Bend and shape the lash to mold to your eye before applying.

Finally once you put the glue on let it dry for a minute before applying (Another trick I do is squeeze a dab of glue on my pointer finger knuckle and drag the strip across while holding the lash with my tweezers to get the right amount of glue on it).

Hope these tips help you with applying your new  “Celebrity Lashes” from Gretchen Christine!

xoxoxo Gretchen


Gretchen's Closet: Workin it with Glasses!

Whoever said glasses are for nerds anyways!  So glasses can be a really fun accessory! They can complete a look and style you are going for! I love this look because it is a classic dress that is conservative enough for work yet makes me feel sexy enough to go out to drinks and cocktails after work! Throw a big chunky colored necklace on like the one I’m wearing here in red, and accessorize with the perfect red purse to put it all together!  Throw some animal print shoes in the mix to spice up your work look for cocktail hour to complete the look! Wham! You have a great office to cocktail hour look! Just a little tip from Gretchen’s Closet to yours!

xoxoxo Gretchen

Gretchen's Closet: Summer to Fall Fashions

With summertime coming to a close, we will have to start putting away all our cute shorts and spaghetti strap tops, but a lot of other accessories can roll right into fall! For instance, one of my GCC Handbags pictured here! This champagne color is the perfect color for fall because it is so versatile. It compliments almost any color in your closet and has rich gold embellishments that tie all of your gold details together in your outfit. Throw on a big cowl neck sweater, wear a long delicate gold chain around your neckline and add a trench coat with gold button accents to compliment the gold on your purse! Wear skinny jeans and tall boots to complete your look! Just another tip for fall from inside Gretchen’s Closet!

xoxoxo Gretchen

The Fashion Team

If you missed it yesterday, I was on TV Guide Channel’s hit show “The Fashion Team” with hosts Daphne Brogdon and Lawrence Zarian. It was super fun to have the entire GCC collection as part of the set decoration. The set is just gorgeous! My handbag line sat next to St. John fashions and Badgley Mischka shoes.  I think they look amazing together! What do you think? See the pics here.

Every woman deserves to look and feel like a million bucks without ever having to spend it. I believe every woman should have access to high fashion and good quality handbags, clothes and accessories, but not all of us can afford the designer names especially in today’s economy, thus the creation of the “Gretchen Christine Collection”. In the first segment, not only did I get to talk about my inspirations behind the line, but we also talked about the 3 new collections I have in development. See pics of the new bags here!

In the third segment, Daphne, Lawrence and I picked our favorite winners and losers from the celeb's walking the red carpet last week. That’s a lot of fun! And with the Emmy’s coming up, we talked about what styles to expect on the red carpet. What fashion trends do you think you will see at the Emmys?

I had such a blast taping with the amazing people at the TV Guide Channel, and especially with Daphne and Lawrence! Being in front of a camera and on a set is still nerve wrecking but they made me feel so welcomed! I hope they will invite me back soon!

Please click here to check out all our behind the scenes photos, a peak at my new handbags and more!

Check your local listings to watch more The Fashion Team with Daphne Brogdon and Lawrence Zarian here.

xoxoxo Gretchen  

ShopNBC Behind the Scenes

Just posted a few behind the scenes photos of me and co-host Wendi Russo fighting it out – Housewife style!! I really love working with Wendi! We had so much fun! As much fun as I had, I was exhausted beyond belief!! I’ve been working nonstop like crazy!! The days leading up to the Gretchen Christine Collection launch live on ShopNBC felt like a year!! I was in New York then I was in the Minnesota and Denver – all over the states! Could you tell that I was sooo nervous and that I only had slept 4 hours?? It was so stressful and I felt like the biggest dork ever!

But it was so rewarding!! Thank you so much for all your support! I have the best fans in the world!! ShopNBC said we did really well, and that makes me happy! I’m also happy to be home now with my sweet babies!! I love my doggies! I missed them soo much! But I can’t totally rest yet – I’m filming for a super secret project show for Bravo!! I’ll tell you more when I can!

For now, click here for behind the scenes photos with me and Wendi Russo on ShopNBC.

Also, click here to see me on TwinCities Live the morning before my ShopNBC appearance.

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine

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