Carolina and Ruby

How cute is this little dog?!! I just had to grab her!! While I was in Vegas 4th of July weekend, I met Carolina P. and her dog Ruby. Carolina is so sweet, she sent me the following email:


It was so great to meet you on Friday and I just wanted to pass along the pic of you and Ruby. Thanks so much for taking time to take the picture with us. I got this email address from facebook, hope you dont mind. thanks again

Carolina P and Ruby"

Of course I don't mind! That goes the same for everyone! Feel free to send me emails at!

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine

Who Knew Taking a Vacation Could Teach You Such a Valuable Lesson?

The Bahamas was such an incredible trip! So I have to blog about how lucky I felt to get to do this, and the little lesson I learned along the way!

Just when I thought the holidays couldn’t get any better, I had my sweet friend Sarah and her boyfriend Kurt offer us a trip to the Bahamas on his private yacht….and for FREE! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I swear God answers prayers! I know this is a very self-indulgent prayer, but I hadn’t been on vacation for over 3 years now.  I had spent most of the 2008 in the hospital with Jeff and then 2009 and 2010 was spend repairing my life and working none-stop to make ends meet!

All I wanted to do for the holidays was go on vacation!  I put it out in the Universe and on my Christmas list that I wanted to go to Atlantis! I had never been and all the commercials made it look like a hoot! So I looked it up and was so disappointed to find out it was going to cost a fortune.  Unfortunately, I was unwilling to spend that kind of money right now (starting companies is not easy financially) and I wanted to make responsible decisions.

I was bummed but thought “oh well, maybe next year” Well then next thing I know I go to the Laker game with my girlfriend and her boyfriends, and they say “hey we would love for you to go with us to the Bahamas, we have one more room on the boat left!”  I just about fell over! Not only my dream of a vacation over the holidays had come true but on top of it I was going on a private 122 foot yacht with a personal chef everyday and no money out of my pocket to enjoy this bliss! Oh and we were stopping to go to Atlantis for the day!!! How in the world did this just happen I thought to myself?

Now I know it might sound crazy, but to me I wanted to scream out from the mountain top “There is a God”.  I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by. So Slade and I jumped on a red eye flight to Ft. Lauderdale the night before New Year’s Eve and landed in Miami Friday morn at 6am to a Mimosa being served to us by a crew member and friends greeting us on the beautiful ANDIAMO.

I had a server always finding me on the boat asking if I wanted a Pina Colada while I was sun-bathing myself in the beautiful weather! They literally made my bed every day, cleaned my room, and washed my clothes for me. It was like I was in heaven for six days! I had to pinch myself about eight times a day to make sure I was really there! We were escorted to our own private room with our own large bathroom. We had breakfast lunch and dinner served everyday and it was gourmet meals! (I think I gained about 10 pounds)  But honestly it felt fabulous not to care!!!!!!

We spent New Years Eve In Ft. Lauderdale and literally had the best time of our lives that night! We partied all night with all the locals and had such a great time, as most of the pictures show!  The next five days was Island hopping and exploring the waters of the Bahamas!  It was such a great and fun group to be with, and man will I ever have stories from those days on the water to last a lifetime! (Miss Sarah and Daleen you girls know what I am talking about xoxo)

As you will see through the photo album it was all about relaxing and having a good time on the boat. I drank waaaaay to much alcohol over the six days, but strangely never had a hangover!  It felt so great to not have anywhere to go or any appearance to make or any camera to be ready for! I barely wore make-up most of the time and it felt so nice to just relax, unwind and be with my Slade! We got to reconnect and re-focus on what we want to accomplish in 2011.  It was such a rejuvenation that we both needed to figure out what is next in our lives together. I fall more and more in love with him every day and feel so lucky to have such a great man in my life.

I realized sitting out in the middle of the ocean with no access to phones or computers or the outside world that “just being” was one of the best things in the world! I think this day in age we get so consumed with technology and all that it does and can do that sometimes we just forget to stop and smell the roses. Do the simply things like just “being”.  This world is all about what is next and what can we do to make more money, be more popular, or famous or noticed or recognized for something, how many friends we can have, but are they truly quality friends I wonder?  Getting away from the rat race at times makes you realize how truly tired you are and how much it wears you out!  I love to work but I hate to work to try to meet everyone else’s expectations!

I loved “just being” and not worrying about the next call or tweet or job.  I got to smell the ocean air, the breeze through my hair and have the pink sand push between my toes while the warm water crashed up on my feet! I got to hug and kiss the man I adore and love more times than I can remember. I got to eat and drink and share stories with great company! 

As much as I love technology and all it has allowed me to accomplish and do with work, e-commerce, networking and social media connections I have made, I have realized that what makes me the happiest is sitting next to my dearest of friends, laughing, smelling the roses, drinking wine and tasting great food while seeing beauty in this world!

I have come to learn so much about what great friends are and what great friends do for you. I have realized the people that I have lost as friends were never really friends and now I am grateful for that.  I am the most content and happy I have been in a few years now. I have peeled back the layers of hurt and pain and allowed the goodness of life and the right people back into my life and my heart.  I am truly HAPPY once again and by “just being”, I was able to realize this.  I cannot say that it won’t change tomorrow or in the future but for that one moment on that trip I knew I had found a place of complete happiness something I had been seeking for a while after what I went through in my 20’s being divorced and then loosing Jeff in my 30’s. Life is way to short to not have complete happiness spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

My resolutions for 2011 became so clear and concise.  Continue to build what makes me happy right now and that is my Gretchen Christine brand and my companies and to focus on what is important in life… faith, family and happiness. Right now I have all three and they are very solid, and nothing is going to break me this year! I can feel it!

Our trip had to be cut short because work did call and I was already obligated to be in Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show for Bravo. So I had 15 hours of travel time to get back home to fulfill my commitments with them! Don’t get me wrong it was hard leaving that private yacht in the middle of the peaceful Bahamas, but ultimately work is what fulfills me and makes me feel productive, so I was happy to be back in the game, but this time with a different game plan, with much stronger gear on and very clear vision of how I was going to get to my goals.  I felt peace and excitement to embark on a new year of adventures!

God truly knows are limits and when we need some downtime. I doubt I will ever get a trip quite like that again, but maybe it was God’s way of saying “I know you won’t stop and slow down unless I give you a little extra something special so you can’t refuse to slow down”  Well God, it worked and thank you for that!! I really needed it! Thank you for that my lesson this time was tied in with a lot of fun!  His lessons don’t always have to be taught when things are tough, it can be taught even in the triumphs of life, we just have to have our eyes open to his lessons. 

My Neck has been doing so much better and I have been back doing Yoga to help with my stress levels. I have decided to really focus on my health this New Year, not my weight or my body image, but my health; emotionally, mentally and spiritually and so far it is the best thing I could of done for myself! I hope this little lesson about stopping to smell the roses, to clear one’s mind. will encourage you to do that same if something things seem to get to overwhelming or is blocking you for moving forward towards your greatest happiness.

Check out all my photos from my wonderful vacation here!

Happy 2011 Everyone! God Bless! xoxoxo Gretchen Christine

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