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02/22/2013 antonia Asked:

Hi, You have such an amazing body what is your diet and exercise plan like?

02/21/2013 Shelbi Asked:

Hello Gretchen I'm a big fan of the show! Are you and slade going to appear in the next series? Hope you do! Xx

02/20/2013 Sophie Asked:

Hi Gretchen, i know you probably wont get this! But its worth a try haha, im 14 and you're like a role model to me! You're always smiling, and always look amazing! Im just wondering, how do you keep your skin so clear, my skins not the best and id love to be like you and look like youu! Looveee Real Housewives Of Orange County, never miss an episode! Love ya! Sophie xoxoxox

02/19/2013 Mimi Asked:

Hi Gretchen . I'm from the UK and i think your great and you make the show more interesting There's this guy that i really like.we went on a couple of dates and used to talk for hours on end. he told me before that he really liked me , but he says that he doesn't like his mates embarrassing him because hes got no taste in women and that he said that hes not ready for a serious relationship. even though i think he's in a relationship . should i bother with him or should i just forget about him. Thank you P.S i love how you and Tamra get on.

02/12/2013 Francesca Asked:

Hey Gretchen, I was looking for some advice, i'm getting married this August and my skin is naturally quite rosey and blotchy and find that I have to put on several layers of foundation to even out my skin tone. I really don't want to have to do that on the day of my wedding, I just want my skin to feel light and healthy and was wondering what kind of advice you had in terms of which foundation to buy and coverage i would need. I'm brunette with fair skin (on the non patchy bits, haha!) Thank you, Francesca x P.S. can't wait for season 8 to come to the UK - love you on the show!

02/08/2013 Your Asked:

When is your Birthday,?What star sign are you ? Venetia

02/08/2013 nichola Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I would love to know who does your hair and how you get such perfect waves? i would love to have the color you have is it just high lights? are you blonde anyway? Do you use your own beauty products on your hair? Your hair always looks so great i love it!!

02/08/2013 suzanne Asked:

Hi Gretchen.... apologies, it's me again. Here in the UK Heather is new(ish), but I have to say.... what a fabulous woman. I think she's open, honest, great sense of humour, her husband is fabulous (which is alway a good sign), intelligent, and has LOADS of common sense. She's gonna make a great friend and , if I were you, I'd concentrate on her. x

02/07/2013 Linda Asked:

Hi Gretchen. I love watching you on Real Housewives of Orange County. I live in Scotland and would love to visit Orange County one day but Im not sure where the best place is to stay. Can you recommend any good hotels there and what is the best month to visit OC? Its always cold in Scotland so it would be nice to visit somewhere nice and sunny and it looks lovely over there. Congratulations on your performance with the Pussycat Dolls in Vegas you were very brave to do that and you looked stunning. Oh! I love your handbags or purses as they say over there! especially the red one you had. Hope to hear from you soon Lol Linda xxx

01/30/2013 annmarie Asked:

Your make up is always pefect! i have really light skin and blue eyes. What foundation do u use and do you wear false eye lashes. If so, what is the best ones. Thanx xx P.S Your my favourite housewive, as you are so real compaired to the other girls. Your yourself! Dont ever change, your amazing just the way you are :) xx

01/23/2013 Melissa Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I think your amazing and your collection is amazing so I was wondering if you ship to the United Kingdom? I love your collection and the handbags especially! Thanks Melissa

01/22/2013 Lee Asked:

Your song unbreakable is amazing! I just found it on iTunes! Keep singing!

01/03/2013 Jolene Asked:

Are your beautiful cosmetics available here in the uk? x x

01/02/2013 Becky Asked:

Hi Gretchen i'm a huge RHOC fan and try to watch every episode here in the UK, I'm in the middle of arranging and planning my wedding, I'm getting married next year (after being togther for 6 yrs and with a 2 year old son, it was time to tie the knot!!) i'm trying to find the perfect foundation, something that will last all day, do you ship to the UK and if so do you offer any samples of your foundation as I would happily purchase a bottle and pay the international postage once I know which shade suits me best. I have fair skin and blonde hair, with a little help from my hair dresser, I was once a natural blonde!! I will really appreciate any help!! Many thanks. Becky x x

12/28/2012 Tracey Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I am a huge fan! I wanted to know what lipstick or lip gloss you wear that is that light pink color? I have tried so many different kinds, and I can not seem to find that natural shiny soft pink. Thank you

12/28/2012 Erin Asked:

Hi Gretchen! I just wanted to say "hi" and wish you a marvelous New Year! You're so much fun to watch on RHOC that I'd like to thank you for sharing your life with us. I can't wait to see you on the next season of the show and wish you and Slade (and doggies) the very best for the upcoming year. Most Sincerely, Erin Stratton Tucson AZ

12/18/2012 Brandy Asked:

Hi Gretchen. I have to say you are my favorite O.C. housewive and i love your songs. I can't stop jamming to them. Do you have any more plans to do another song?

11/16/2012 Lisa Asked:

I am trying to lose weight and finding it very hard. I am 44 a young looking 44 but I want to lose about 20 lbs any ideas??

11/10/2012 Donna Asked:

Oh ya, forgot to mention, I'm from Ontario Canada and gotta say, we adore you here! Love all your products and so glad you have gone this route. You truly are an inspiration to not only woman, but our very young youth! You rock! One of the coolest reality stars I've watched. And I watch em all! lol Sending buckets of love from Canada:) XoXo...

10/18/2012 Tracy Asked:

hi Gretchen i am a big fan of yours on housewives of county orange,i reside in england but not been here all my life,i am originaly south african.I only recently started watching your program and seeing how you have gotten through all your tribulations and are now an independant woman with your clothes line and music career going well im very impressed and it gives me the excitement to see woman showing they can do all and be successful.Im a single mom of 2 young boys and i have started making my own jewellry and trying to do things on my own,in all this im saying to you is just to let you know that you inspire me alot and i do look up to you and feed off your positivity,i cant wait to see the next new upcoming shows not sure when they will be viewed here.Keep up with all you doing you are a great role model! Tracy Sloane


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