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02/19/2013 Mimi Asked:

Hi Gretchen . I'm from the UK and i think your great and you make the show more interesting There's this guy that i really like.we went on a couple of dates and used to talk for hours on end. he told me before that he really liked me , but he says that he doesn't like his mates embarrassing him because hes got no taste in women and that he said that hes not ready for a serious relationship. even though i think he's in a relationship . should i bother with him or should i just forget about him. Thank you P.S i love how you and Tamra get on.

10/04/2012 Georgia Asked:

Hi, Gretchen. Before I ask you my question, I'd just like to use this opportunity to say that I love you on the Real Housewives of OC! And here's my question: Who inspires you (and why) to do your best? Thanks, Georgia.

10/04/2012 natasha Asked:

Hi gretchen im from australia and wanted to know how you got through your loss. my boyfriend has just passed away 3 days after his 21st birthday and i dont know what to do or anything. how did you manage to move along and let yourself find love eventually again i feel guilty for it thanks

09/14/2012 Victoria Asked:

Hey Gretchen, I think you are very cool and a great inspiration to a lot of young women. I truly feel that. I know this is a shot in the dark, but I really like this guy. And I'm attractive and I can tell he likes me. However, whenever I see him I lose my cool, and talk to him for like a minute and then he leaves. He comes up to me at the bar but I literally have nothing to say! And then I sent him a text afterwards which is probably the worst thing I could have done. So I was wondering, how do you pull a guy in? I have a feeling you may know the answer I just have no clue! Thank you

11/17/2011 julie Asked:

love the show, you and slade are the perfect can see he really loves you,hes always smiling. when is season seven coming of housewives of orange county? cheers juliette

04/07/2011 Christine Asked:

Hi Gretchen! I think you are so great on the real housewives series! I just wanted to ask how you keep your cool and laugh off most of the drama that some women throw your way? i have a few co workers who are that way and i usually just keep quiet, should i stand up for myself or say anything to them when they are rude? Thank you!!

05/15/2010 kim Asked:

life is way too short , sometimes waiting for a guy is the worst thing.... i like this guy what should i do? im not 21 anymore... but neither is he!!! lol



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