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12/18/2012 Brandy Asked:

Hi Gretchen. I have to say you are my favorite O.C. housewive and i love your songs. I can't stop jamming to them. Do you have any more plans to do another song?

08/31/2012 Margaret Asked:

Hi, Gretchen! I just wanted to tell you that Unbreakable has helped me through a really tough time in my life. I'm sixteen years old and starting to think about college. None of my hard work or good grades in tough classes or medals in science competitions have ever been good enough for my dad, ever since I was a little kid. He always demands that I do better, which over the years has made me doubt myself and think that I really am not good enough to do well in anything. But then, I heard your song and it made me realize that I won't let him break me, and that's helped me so much in the road to getting back the confidence that I haven't had in years. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you on RHOC by the way, you're so funny and you and Slade are so cute together. Love, Margaret xoxo

04/16/2011 Todd Asked:

Gretchine, Will you please post all of the lyrics to REVALATION? I am dying to know what they are. Thanks Girl, YOU ROCK!

04/30/2010 casey Asked:

hey i was wondering how many copies of your song were sold on itunes and if theres going to be another season of occ



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Here's your chance to get answers directly from me!