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02/08/2013 suzanne Asked:

Hi Gretchen.... apologies, it's me again. Here in the UK Heather is new(ish), but I have to say.... what a fabulous woman. I think she's open, honest, great sense of humour, her husband is fabulous (which is alway a good sign), intelligent, and has LOADS of common sense. She's gonna make a great friend and , if I were you, I'd concentrate on her. x

01/23/2013 Melissa Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I think your amazing and your collection is amazing so I was wondering if you ship to the United Kingdom? I love your collection and the handbags especially! Thanks Melissa

01/22/2013 Lee Asked:

Your song unbreakable is amazing! I just found it on iTunes! Keep singing!

12/28/2012 Erin Asked:

Hi Gretchen! I just wanted to say "hi" and wish you a marvelous New Year! You're so much fun to watch on RHOC that I'd like to thank you for sharing your life with us. I can't wait to see you on the next season of the show and wish you and Slade (and doggies) the very best for the upcoming year. Most Sincerely, Erin Stratton Tucson AZ

11/10/2012 Donna Asked:

Oh ya, forgot to mention, I'm from Ontario Canada and gotta say, we adore you here! Love all your products and so glad you have gone this route. You truly are an inspiration to not only woman, but our very young youth! You rock! One of the coolest reality stars I've watched. And I watch em all! lol Sending buckets of love from Canada:) XoXo...

09/11/2012 Anita Asked:

Hi Gretchen, Just wanted to say Vancouver B.C. Canada loves you!

08/27/2012 Clare Asked:

Gretchen, I have followed you on Housewives for sometime, I would just like to say I admire you for your strength and determination, especially how you cared for Jeff. I know as viewers we only see a tiny bit of what goes on, but you appear genuine and I would like to say you are one of my favourite housewives. Loads of luck in your ventures......Clare UK

07/27/2012 sarah Asked:

dear gretchen haven't really got a question just wanted to say your cool, just watching a old rerun of the housewives, and you just come across as the nicest??? good luck with life

12/23/2011 Mimi Asked:

Love you on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Can't wait for the next season. I hope there are new characters and returning characters.

12/10/2011 ivonne Asked:

Are,u still with Slate? I just love ur make up line

11/11/2011 Robert Asked:

Just wanted to know what breed Gretchen's dogs are? Chihuahua mixes of some kind? Thanks

04/18/2011 Janice Asked:

Hi Gretchen, You always look so beautiful but also cute! I just wanted to as: How tall are you??

04/05/2011 Jill Asked:

Where did you and Slade purchase your bicycles? They are way cool and would like to get some information on them. Thank you.

03/24/2011 J Asked:

This is going to sound strange but - we watched Housewives of Orange County a couple days ago (we think you are so funny) and know you have 2 dogs - what are there names? The reason I ask is - we have 2 dogs (boxer's) one is Rocco and the other is Vito........ - We thought we heard you call your dogs and thought there names were Rocco & Vito????? Sorry to bother you on your website but we have been searching the internet and couldn't find the answer.

02/03/2011 Susan Asked:

Hi, I am thrilled with your collection. I love how your home is decorated on the show. Would you ever consider a line of decorating products? i think you would be wonderful at it! - Susan

11/30/2010 Bill Asked:

Gretchen, you are my favorite housewife on the show! I just wanted to ask you what college football team you go for? You seem like the kind of person to get into the game!

05/20/2010 Asked:

HEy girlie...i absolutely love you..ur my favorite housewife lol i love ur personality and go-getter fun attitude u remind me of myself. I would love to spend sometime with a entrepreneur like yourself..Im 20 and im tryna do the same thing...if you need someone to work for you or be an intern i would gladly love to... thankd4 ur time

05/19/2010 jane Asked:

will the oc housewives be back for another season?

05/17/2010 Jacob Asked:

Just Wanted To Say Your Gorgeous, And Your So Cool On The Show. Im Glad Your Able To Keep It Real, Ur Definitely A Strong, Smart, Confidant And Of Course We All Know "Sexy" Woman.. Hahahah - Jacob Phillips 20 Winnipeg Manitoba

05/13/2010 Danielle Asked:

Hi Gretchen! I know that you are busy but, i would like to ask you a question.....Are you and Slade still together????Your website (and your self) look great!!! Also where do you get all of your clothes....They are gorgous!!! Thank you soooo much!!! -Danielle P.S I am only 11 and i am not lidding



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