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02/22/2013 antonia Asked:

Hi, You have such an amazing body what is your diet and exercise plan like?

11/16/2012 Lisa Asked:

I am trying to lose weight and finding it very hard. I am 44 a young looking 44 but I want to lose about 20 lbs any ideas??

08/22/2012 Jeni Asked:

How do you keep your energy and spirits up when going through a hard heartbreaking time?

07/21/2012 Katherine Asked:

What work out routine or exercises do you do to stay so slim?

01/29/2012 Jessica Asked:

First off I want to start by saying you are amazing and absolutely beautiful!! I'm hitting a bit of a dilemma in my life I'm only 22 and I had a baby a little over a year ago...needless to say I gained a lot of unwanted weight and it has really hit me recently how hard it is to lose! I was so happy with my body before I had my son, now not so much, do you have any suggestions to help me get past this?

11/29/2011 Kim Asked:

What is your daily diet and exercise habits?

09/12/2011 Jeannette Asked:

Hi Gretchen, first of all I love you and to me if you were they only had a show about you I would def. watch it. My question to you is I just had a baby and my self esteem is really low. I dont have the body I use to have and now that I'm a stay at home wife I'm getting fatter by the second. I would like to know is their a way or something I can do or eat that will cut down on the cravings of just eating. Thank you I would really appreciate it. Love you..

05/20/2010 Victoria Asked:

You have the perfect body...How the heck to you maintain your perfect figure? Do you eat lol????

05/20/2010 Lindsay Asked:

Hey Gretchen, First off love you and the show!! What do you do everyday for fitness and what are the usual things you eat for breakfast,Lunch and dinner?? thanks, Lindsay :)

03/31/2010 Tracy Asked:

Hi Gretchen!! I'm so excited for your new website. I have a very important question - how do you stay so fit? What's your workout routine?



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