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03/12/2013 Tiffany Asked:

Hi there I was wondering if u send stuff to Canada

09/26/2012 Katie Asked:

Hey, I have been watching Real housewives of OC since 2006! And have been trying to purchase a bag since you brought them out! Im from the UK! Do you ship to the UK?? Help!! I NEED THIS BAG IN MY LIFE!!! love you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09/09/2012 Rene Asked:

Hey Gretchen, I was wondering, if you ship to the UK? Cause I really like all your stuff and can not find it anywhere in the UK. Thank you xxx P.S. your my favourite. ;) x

08/06/2012 adele Asked:

Hi Gretchen - firstly could i say you are an amazing and beautiful woman, wow!! So given that you always look fab please could you help me out with some advice on what to wear. My best friend is getting marreid in Turkey in may 2013 (we are fromt eh uk) and i have absolutely no idea what to wear. I weigh 116 pounds - am 5.2 - dark hair and aged 40 (del wevs on facebook) Ithe wedding is at 7pm so is a evening occasion and will be very elegant. Do you have any ideas on colour or style?? I know you are very very bizzy - but you would be really helping a girl out . It is very important to me to get this just righ - me and my friend have been thru ups and downs together, like youself with Geoff< she lost some one close to her , her son, he died on 8 years ago his 22st birthday, so this wedding will be full of emaotion as danniel will not be there, and also full of love, as w all have pulld together to get my friend thru this terrible time in her life. I am honored to be able to share in her special day and be there to give support to my best friend - a big BIG bonus - would be if you could offer a style of dress that would give me the support to get thru the day too. Lol. Thanks Gretchen, take care hunnie - you are a very special caring and kind person xx

06/14/2012 Candyce Asked:

Hi Gretchen! Just want to say you are one of my favorite houswives, and I'm glad to see you back! I was wondering where you purchased that beige trench coat with the red trim, and who it is designed by? I absolutely loved it, and you looked great as always. Thanks!

03/25/2012 haley Asked:

i love love love your bed!!! where can i find something like that? i also love the whole design of your room.. i want to do that too!

02/08/2012 Julie Asked:

Gretchen, Hello. Your dress was fabulous last night on Andy Cohen (the coral & hot pink one with the gathered waistline)!!!!! May I ask where you got it? I wouldn't rock it the way you do but I'd love to get it for my 30th reunion next year. BTW, you are the sweetest housewife and I just don't know why the other ladies have always seemed to pick on you. I think you're delightful, kind, spirited, adorable and I wish you the best. Call me if you ever want to shop together when you're in San Diego. I'd love to tear up Fashion Valley Mall together! Kind Regards, Julie in San Diego : )

09/21/2011 Full Asked:

Hi Gretchen! I am so surprised you do not have a jewelry line! Every episode shows you wearing the most beautiful necklaces I have ever seen. Where do you get most of the chunky necklaces we see you wearing?

09/09/2011 Kenia Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I Loved the gold ring you had on the trip you made with the girls to texas, when you were bull-riding. It looked like a gold drusy quartz ring. Where can i find it? Thanks xoxo

05/04/2011 Sarah Asked:

I loved that white lace dress that you wore to the dinner party on Sunday's episode. Where can I find it?

03/23/2011 Anna Asked:

Hi Gretchen! I absolutely love your handbag line! I am a celebrity style and fashion blogger and I'm interested in featuring your bags on my site. I would love if I could e-mail you or your manager a short list of interview questions that I could post with the feature. I have previously done features on brands such as Alexis Bittar and Guiseppe Zanotti. My site recieves around 1,000 views a day and is growing weekly. I would love if we could set something up. You can check out my blog at Thanks so much! -Anna Hodge

03/04/2011 Ingrid Asked:

Hi Gretchen! I love the show and I am in love with the yellow halter dress you wear in the promo. Could you tell me where you got it?

02/01/2011 lisa Asked:

Hi Gretchen. I was wondering if you are going to consider making wallets to match your purses. I am a big Michael Kors fan and your style reminds me of him. However for most of his bage you can get the matching wallet. Thanks for your time, Lisa

01/25/2011 Barbara Asked:

Gretchen- I love the fur vest you have on in your pumpkin/motorcycle pictures! Where is that vest from???

01/12/2011 deb Asked:

Hi Gretchen! First of all, I love everything that you wear, but I was just looking at your recent photos and was wondering where you got your skirt you wore on The Fashion Show on Bravo? Alsooo.. where you got those hot motorcycle boots?? hehe thank you! :)

01/10/2011 Jen Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I am in Australia and have just finish watching season 4. You are definitely my fave house wife (way hotter than Tamra!!) Keep staying strong and being you, you come across as being a beautiful person, inside and out. I love your white ceramic watch, could you tell me who makes it and the model?

01/02/2011 andrea Asked:

Hi Gretchen!! Can we purchase the long zebra dress you are wearing in one of your pics? It's beautiful!!

08/04/2010 Ján Asked:

Ciao Gretchen. Hope you are doing great, I keep my fingers crossed for you as I think you are so lovely and deserve every bit of happiness!! I'm personal shopper/stylist and I have to say your style and your fashion are very classy!! Here is my question: I'm about to move to Los Angeles from London-England and I was just wandering what are your favourite places to shop for clothes in Los Angeles? Best wishes Ján B.

08/02/2010 robin Asked:

Got my bag today--I got the one time value in champage, it is gorgeous!

05/20/2010 kacie Asked:

Gretchen, First off, I think it's wonderful that your clothes are out for viewing. I have been a fan of yours since day one. You are so pretty and I just adore you to death...even thought I don't even know you..ha-ha but my question is this... Will you ever have another way of being able to buy your clothes rather then just on E-Bay...say if someone doesn't have the money right then and there...would there be a way to buy an item out right other then just bidding on them... that way I can have a chance on having at least one of your clothing items =0)



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