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05/01/2013 Samantha Asked:

My name is Samantha and I have 3 children and a wonderful husband! I have had a terrible life starting at the age of 4 so I never thought I deserved any nice things. When I have any money it always goes to something my family needs and not me. Well I'm 34yrs old now and I think I truly deserve something nice and new for once in my life! I have been watching your show religiously since It started and you have always been my favourite! I tried to find a purse to buy myself in your collection, however, it says your purses are all sold out! Is there any way I might be able to purchase one of your beautiful purses? I just love all of them, they are truly beautiful purses! Thank you for being so kind and beautiful. You are a good role model for young girls. I pray you actually write me back. Samantha Charlton

04/24/2013 Jenna Asked:

Hey gretchen! What type of dogs do you have? They are so cute!

08/22/2012 Christel Asked:

Hello Gretchen! I am a huge fan of you on Real Housewives, and I think you are beautiful. Apparently, I am not the only one! My eight year old has expressed his love for you. It is so hilarious! He has been diagnosed with epilepsy and autism, but nevertheless he is a very happy boy! Most of the time he is repeating things over and over, but you are the first thing he mentions when I pick him up at carpool line! I told him you lived in California, and he was so excited when he found it on the map! So, I hope you actually read these post, and it brightens your day. Best of luck with you and Slade. You all will make beautiful babies someday!

08/04/2010 ilovedogs Asked:

Hey Gretchen, I love dogs and wanted to know the breed of their dogs and their names. They are so cute! It's Rocco and Vito, right? The race I'm in doubt between Chihuahua and Pomeranian. Please answer me as soon as power. Xoxo, me.



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