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05/10/2013 coline Asked:

you mention about GC Airbrush in a Can.. what does the GC stand for and can you buy it anywhere?

04/19/2013 Karen Asked:

Hello Gretchen how do you do a smokey eye?

04/08/2013 Jennifer Asked:

What kind of hairspray do ou use? Also you should know you are the BEST housewife out of ALL of the hw shows!! Thank You! Jen

03/24/2013 kara Asked:

hey girl!! The OC women are my favorite housewives and im a jersey girl :) Anyways you have the best hair! What are some of your favorite products? (shampoo/conditioner, hair dryer, brushes)

03/19/2013 Essie Asked:

Hi there gretchen I was just asking how do you make your skin so nice xxxx

02/20/2013 Sophie Asked:

Hi Gretchen, i know you probably wont get this! But its worth a try haha, im 14 and you're like a role model to me! You're always smiling, and always look amazing! Im just wondering, how do you keep your skin so clear, my skins not the best and id love to be like you and look like youu! Looveee Real Housewives Of Orange County, never miss an episode! Love ya! Sophie xoxoxox

02/12/2013 Francesca Asked:

Hey Gretchen, I was looking for some advice, i'm getting married this August and my skin is naturally quite rosey and blotchy and find that I have to put on several layers of foundation to even out my skin tone. I really don't want to have to do that on the day of my wedding, I just want my skin to feel light and healthy and was wondering what kind of advice you had in terms of which foundation to buy and coverage i would need. I'm brunette with fair skin (on the non patchy bits, haha!) Thank you, Francesca x P.S. can't wait for season 8 to come to the UK - love you on the show!

02/08/2013 nichola Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I would love to know who does your hair and how you get such perfect waves? i would love to have the color you have is it just high lights? are you blonde anyway? Do you use your own beauty products on your hair? Your hair always looks so great i love it!!

01/03/2013 Jolene Asked:

Are your beautiful cosmetics available here in the uk? x x

10/17/2012 bexxie Asked:

hi gretchen, so im a fan of the show (obv) id just like you to tell me how you got into shape?, i remeber you once said you were a... lets say curvey ladie :).. like me now, im a uk size 16 n would love to get down to a uk 12, iv had two babies and only 24, need my tum tum to go!! hope to hear from you, think you ace! i feel like we have the same personality when i see the programe, its strange! haha.. just want to look how i feel! xxxx

10/07/2012 Colleen Asked:

What lip gloss or lipstick do you wear

09/12/2012 Mrs. Asked:

Hello Beautiful Lady! Gretchen, I've enjoyed seeing your cosmetics on the show. But I have a question or two for you. I'm a disabled, soon to be 55 year old red head (and I still have a lot of my birth color of hair yet!) What color of lip gloss do you think I could wear? So many colors turn "organish" on me. I don't want to look like a circus clown for goodness sakes! I'm intersted in eye colors too. Being on an extreme budget doesn't help! I would appreciate your suggestions, (and samples?). God bless you, and your company! You're a keeper!

09/10/2012 Melissa Asked:

Hey Gretchen. Curious as to what foundation you wear, it appears to be flawless with a great coverage.... I currently use Estee Lauder Double Wear but am up for trying other options. Thank you!

09/05/2012 Gabriela Asked:

Hi Gretchen my name is Gabriela and I'm a very big fan but my mom is amazed by you and how beautiful you look. She has been bugging me to email you to see if you would answer us. She would like to know where and who does your hair. You are beyond gorgeous and my mom tells me she wants to be just like you. I agree because u are gorgeous so I want my mom to feel gorgeous too. She lives in Riverside CA and she would drive anywhere to look like you. Thank you so much :)

07/27/2012 Laura Asked:

Do you always wear your own cosmetic line. if you do, what are the colors you wear most often.. I have the same coloring as you and would like to know what colors to order.

07/24/2012 Stephanie Asked:

Hey Gretchen!!!! By the way, love you! Wanted to know which lipstick you were wearing on the reunion show?! Xoxo

07/24/2012 Tina Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I was watching you on the reunion show and I loved your lipstick color! OBSESSED is probably the right word, actually. I was just wondering if you could let me know what brand, color, or whatever it is. Thank you so much, please let me know!

07/23/2012 Kimberly Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I am looking into trying out your makeup line for the first time. I have worked in the hair industry as a stylist for many years, so I have been committed to my lines. Although, I am interested in trying yours. Honestly, I wear very similar colors and styles to you. I love your matte finish foundation and lip stick switch ups! I spray tan so I am a similar color to you also. I just would like to know your advice on a must have list of starter makeup items! Thank you! Kimberly

07/22/2012 Alyssa Asked:

Hi Gretchen! I'm Alyssa and I'm twelve years old. I love your inspiring music that I can relate to. I've always loved your hair and I just want to know how you get so much volume. Thank you so much and please keep up the amazing work. <3

07/19/2012 Kim Asked:

Hi Gretchen It's Kim here from London. How do you get your hair so silky and shiny despite the fact that you highlight your hair? I highlight my hair and as a result find it impossible to grow beyond my shoulders and it's so dry and brittle! Any advice much appreciated. Kim



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