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03/21/2013 Jenny Asked:

Hi Gretchen. Firstly i cannot wait for the new series of RHOC to start in the UK sadly we have to wait until September. I was wondering do you ship to the UK? Look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Jenny Hill

02/21/2013 Shelbi Asked:

Hello Gretchen I'm a big fan of the show! Are you and slade going to appear in the next series? Hope you do! Xx

10/18/2012 Tracy Asked:

hi Gretchen i am a big fan of yours on housewives of county orange,i reside in england but not been here all my life,i am originaly south african.I only recently started watching your program and seeing how you have gotten through all your tribulations and are now an independant woman with your clothes line and music career going well im very impressed and it gives me the excitement to see woman showing they can do all and be successful.Im a single mom of 2 young boys and i have started making my own jewellry and trying to do things on my own,in all this im saying to you is just to let you know that you inspire me alot and i do look up to you and feed off your positivity,i cant wait to see the next new upcoming shows not sure when they will be viewed here.Keep up with all you doing you are a great role model! Tracy Sloane

09/14/2012 Laurajane Asked:

Hi Gretchen. Love u on housewives I watch it everyday, your truly an inspiration and role model, please reply back xoxo LauraJane

08/31/2012 Aimee Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I would like to say that I really do admire you. You are such a beautiful woman, and you have a beautiful soul. I admire you out of all the housewife's most because you're not afraid to say what you think, you are very independent, and you've really made something of yourself and have been successful :), I am only 16 and you have inspired me to do anything I want to do. When I get a little older, I hope to be as successful as you. You are a perfect role model, and if everyone in the world grew up wanting to be like you, this world would be a much better place. I am a huge fan, and you are definitely my favorite housewife :) you are beautiful and such a strong person. Keep doing what your doing :) ..Aimee from the UK :) xx

08/30/2012 Carmen Asked:

Hi Gretchen!! My name is Carmen and I have watched the housewives for the last couple of years, I think you are successful and impowering woman. I have always wanted a job being a personal assistant and learning everything that it takes to be in the entertainment business. My goal is to one day own my own PR company, my question for you is, are you currently hiring? Willing to take this hard working gal under your wing and show her the ins and outs? I am very hard working and always positive, I come from a where working hard is key to getting where you want to be in life! I hope you could help me, nothing is easy in life so I am more than ready to work for it! Thanks for taking your time to read this, Carmen

08/17/2012 Janessa Asked:

Gretchen Christine, I never write to anyone--celebrity status wise-- and I am not a "super fan" of any celebrity. Actually, I just feel that I connect with your character on The Real Housevives, and not because I'm a crazy wanna-be fanatic. I am a Masters graduate and watch the show as a reward (recently) after finishing my thesis requirements..... but don't let me fool you, I have seen every episode (I think:)...) from every season and every city... still not a crazy super fan though, I've NEVER writtten to another housewife!! I was just watching a DVR'd episode (quite obviously a rerun) of season 7, episode 13, "Whine &Cheese". You know, the one where Slade asks your Dad if he could propose to you?... I jusdt have to say that I am not necessarily a far left kind of gal but i'm not stuck far right either, and I thiught it was important for you to know that despite my absolute understanding and agreement with your father's advice to Slade about having all his past cleaned up and such, I sincerely think that your (loving) viewers just want you to be happy and so many times I see (and feel) you wanting to be so cautious of public ridicule. Despite the cruel media, let me tell you from the source of regular "real--life" ....especially mid-western.... women, we just want you to be happy and in love without the fear of public scrutiny or imposed judgment. Before all this celebrity stuff you were one of us and would want the same if you were watching the show as one of us. No one really hates Slade and if they do, they need to get a life. Just thought you should know what someone (one of the quiet ones) thought-- Blessings and Love graciously-- <3 Janessa

08/13/2012 Anna Asked:

Gretchen! You are beautiful and extremely funny I am a big fan of yours on the real housewives of O.C and been my fave character since you went on the show! And I love your make-up line! I am 17 and from england manchester and try to keep up with you guys as much as possible :) the question I wanted to ask was, what do you use on your hair to make it so shiny bouncy and volumised I really want to know have massive hair envy!! Lol :) Lots of love anna xx

04/04/2012 JoAnne Asked:

Hi Gretchen, Living in the OC and seeing you around town and of course on the show, I can't help but think how great you'd be on Dancing With The Stars! Have you ever considered doing that? I, and many others think you'd be perfect and would do very well, not to mention what it would do for your career and the Housewives franchise. Hey, if Bethany Frankel can be on Skating With The Stars and Teresa Giudice do Celebrity Apprentice, then you could easily be on DWTS! Will you consider trying to get on it and make a lot of your fans very, very happy? Your OC neighbor and supporter!

05/02/2011 Blah Asked:

Hi. I don't have a facebook or twitter, just wanted to say that you're not delusional and that Tamra and Vicki are truly pathetic b*tches and fish for any drama from other people's lives because their lives suck. Vicki hides behind work and uses it to empower herself because she's so insecure, her husband doesn't even like her. Tamra is just a backstabbing passive aggressive b***h. She talks a lot of s**t for someone that has so much plastic surgery. That Eddie guy will leave her when she's too dried up to reproduce for him. You're too cool to hang out with these hags lol. They're pretty much going through mid-life crisis' and menopause. Take care! P.S. You're hot. You should definitely use this material on next season. Like mention "some random fan mail dude on my website said all this"

05/07/2010 Jesse Asked:

Hi Gretchen, I love to watch the Housewifes and I think you are the hottest on the show. I cannot wait to see the show this fall. I love to see you in those high heels! Keep up the good work! You are the queen of cool!!! Jesse Jamerson

04/28/2010 Nicolas Asked:

Gretchen- This may be off topic, but I lost my mom recently to brain cancer. Somehow seeing you on Real Housewives and your strength to get through your loss really helped me with my own. I'm a 21-year-old guy, so I've never had such a huge loss ever in my life, but like I said, you helped me get through it and realize I wasn't the only one. All in all, I just wanted to say thank you. I wish you the best with everything.



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