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05/01/2013 Samantha Asked:

My name is Samantha and I have 3 children and a wonderful husband! I have had a terrible life starting at the age of 4 so I never thought I deserved any nice things. When I have any money it always goes to something my family needs and not me. Well I'm 34yrs old now and I think I truly deserve something nice and new for once in my life! I have been watching your show religiously since It started and you have always been my favourite! I tried to find a purse to buy myself in your collection, however, it says your purses are all sold out! Is there any way I might be able to purchase one of your beautiful purses? I just love all of them, they are truly beautiful purses! Thank you for being so kind and beautiful. You are a good role model for young girls. I pray you actually write me back. Samantha Charlton

05/01/2013 Gretchen's Answer:

Hi Samantha! Thank you for your sweet e-mail! We launched the iGO Pink Collection last September to a huge response! This collection was a limited collection of pieces and when season 8 started airing, we are almost sold out of everything. We only have a handful of iPad, passport, and iPhone clutches left. Unfortunately we do not have plans to go back into production of these since it was a limited collection -- but I will let you know if that changes. Regardless, you definitely deserve to spoil yourself here and then. Don't neglect you! I hope you can find something else on the site that's worthy of you! All the Best! Xoxoxo Gretchen Christine



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