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04/19/2013 Karen Asked:

Hello Gretchen how do you do a smokey eye?

04/19/2013 Gretchen's Answer:

Hi Karen! Smokey eyes are all about creating a dramatic look on your eyes! You'll first want to find your base shade and apply it all over the upper lid, working it into the lid and sweeping it up into the brow line. Then pick a lid color and concentrate on the ball of the lid, sweeping color out to the sides to blend. Next, create a smokey crease. Start from the middle of the lid and work the shade in. Finally, press the darkest shade into the lash line to give your eyes some pop! Here's a blog post I recently wrote that explains that smokey eyes don't always have to be about black. Check it out: Thanks! Xoxoxo Gretchen Christine



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