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03/24/2013 kara Asked:

hey girl!! The OC women are my favorite housewives and im a jersey girl :) Anyways you have the best hair! What are some of your favorite products? (shampoo/conditioner, hair dryer, brushes)

03/24/2013 Gretchen's Answer:

Hi Kara! Thank you for your sweet e-mail! My amazing and wonderful friend Victor Paul, who has a salon right in my backyard, does my hair and he’s introduced me to the best hair products. I’m so lucky that he makes my hair look good! Check out my favorite haircare lines: Enjoy or Health Beauty Life (HBL). I really love Enjoy Sulfate-Free Rejuvenating Volumizing Shampoo and use this with the Enjoy Rejuvenating Volumizing Conditioner. They both contain special thickening ingredients and vitamins to give the hair a thicker fuller feel, including Keratin amino acids! Hope this helps! Xoxoxo Gretchen Christine



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