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03/19/2013 Essie Asked:

Hi there gretchen I was just asking how do you make your skin so nice xxxx

03/19/2013 Gretchen's Answer:

Hi Essie! Thank you for your sweet words! When it comes to skincare, it’s important to take good care of it and I make it a priority, especially since I am often in full-makeup for the show or a shoot. I always wash my face twice daily to remove makeup residue, even when I’m tired at night and just want to go to bed. I follow it up with a good toner, such as Vitaphenol’s Anti-Aging toner which has 10% glycolic for good skin cell turnover, and always protect my skin from outside elements with a moisturizer to. During the day, I make sure to apply sunscreen, too! Hope this helps! Xoxoxo Gretchen Christine



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Here's your chance to get answers directly from me!